[Yongseo Love] Unofficial WGM Filming Schedule in Busan

Here is WGM Busan filming schedule which I saw from China Baidu.  Although this is not a official filming schedule from WGM staff, I believed they concluded this filming schedule based on all fanaccounts.  Here is the summary.

*Busan-Haeundae-Had a lunch with Yong’s teacher and friends (1:00 PM)
*Had a tour and took boat in 五陆岛 (sorry!  I don’t know the English of this island)  (15:00 PM)
*Beach-Necklace, holding hand ( I think it’s like what Hyun did in Japan trip not holding hand.  Actually, I like the scene more)
*Starbucks -Ride the car of a friend of Yong (Yong’s friend was driving.  Yong and Hyun were sitting in the back seat.  Left with Yong’s friend around 6:30 pm.  Since then, they were not seen by fans.  A reasonable guess is that they went back to Yong’s home.  During 6:30-12:00 pm, filming was stopped.
*Yong’s high school-12:00 pm

cr. Baidu shared by Phoebechiu@seohwa soompi thread

I smell something fishy!!! I really hope they went back to Yonghwa’s home and stopped WGM filming! Why?? Because if they stopped filming it, that only means that they went to Yonghwa’s on their own will and not by the PD’s decision. I guess the PDs gave them a chance to have some alone time in Busan because they know it’s a special place for YongSeo especially Yonghwa! 🙂



7 Comments on “[Yongseo Love] Unofficial WGM Filming Schedule in Busan”

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  2. Huiying373 says:

    Thx for your post!! i love to catch on yongseo news from your webside!! haha and i love your own comment below the post too!! I always believe yong and hyun are real!!YONGSEO HWAITING <3<3

  3. yongseofan says:

    is wgm scripted? since the ps decides what they do?

    • jaslovesyg says:

      I think the PDs are arranging the places that they are going to and they are given mission cards too.. but it depends on Yonghwa and Seohyun on what they are going to talk about.. What they are going to do there or how they are going to do the mission or something.. hehehe.. I don’t think the holding hands part, the skinships and the honesty in their conversations are scripted.. It’s all YongSeo’s doing! haha! 🙂

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