[FANACCOUNT] YongSeo is a very good-looking couple in Busan

용서횽들 많이 기다렸지?

서현이 밴에 타있고 용화는 친구랑 스타벅스 안으로 들어가고
하루종일 찰영인데..둘이 계속 같이 잇는게 이상한게 아닌가?
서현이 화장도 좀 고치야할끼고 이것저것 다시 점검도 해야할끼고..
별 시덥잖게 그런걸로 ㅉㅈㅇ들이 말이 내뱉는구나…웃음만 나온다…

Seohyun was in the van and Yonghwa went into Starbucks with a friend
They’re shooting for the entire day…isn’t it more weird to have them together for the whole day?
Seohyun should have time to fix makeup and etc. etc.
A lot of people complaining about stupid things…it’s ridiculous…

첨에 아쿠아리움에 있는 스타벅스에 갔다가 아닌걸 알고 열라 뜅서
파라다이스호텔근처에 있는곳으로 향했어
아니나 다를까 그 근처에 스텝들이 있더라고
그리고 서현이 밴으로 보이는 흰색 차량,,,ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
암튼 거기서 대기타고 있다가
파라다이슿텔 맞은편에 스텝들에게서 좀 떨어진 곳에 서있다가 맞은편에서
그녀가 걸어오기 시작햇어

At first I thought it was the Starbucks by the aquarium
but then I found out the correct location
and I  could see the staff hovering nearby
and a white car that look like Seohyuns…kekeke
I was waiting there
Across from the hotel and the staff
And I saw her walking from the opposite direction

막 그녀의 등에서 광채가 나기 시작….ㅎㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ한 그녀의 미모….
옴마야….울 스현이가 스텝들이랑 걸어왔구 난 맞은편에서 걷기 시작했지
울 용화가 보이기 시작 길건너서 서현이와 스텝들이 잇는곳으로 왔어
와~~~울 용화 정말 멋지더라
용화를 몇번 보긴했는데 팬싸때 말고는 이리 가까이에서 본적이 없어서리 멋지더라

She was beautiful…like rays coming out of her body…
Wow…Seohyun was walking with the staff and I was following them from across the street
And I saw Yonghwa cross the street and come to where Seohyun and the staff were standing
Wow~~~Yonghwa was really handsome
I saw him a few times before but never this close

암튼 잠시후에 찰영이 시작되었고 울 강궁 피디님도 보였어,,,옴마야,,,,
정말 울 강궁 피디님 이렇게 말하면 그렇지만 너무 귀여우셨어
이어폰 한쪽을 끼시고 주머니에 손을 넣으신채 찰영재개…

Anyways the filming started soon after and I could see the PD…wow….
This is a little awkward but he was so cute
Shooting with an earphone in one ear and his hands in his pocket…

나 서현이 본적 있긴한데 이렇게 가까이에서 본적은 없다며,,,,
어떻게 저렇게 작은 얼굴에 눈,코,입이 다 있는거야?
어쩜 두꺼운무스탕을 입고 잇는데도 초초초초날씬한거야?

I had seen Seohyun before but never this close…
How does a mouth, nose, and eyes fit on that small face?
How does she look so slender even while wearing a heavy fur coat?

그리고 울 용화 캬~~~~~~너무 잘생겼더라
팬싸때 넘 가까이에서 봤나? 그때보다 훨씬 멋지더라
안경을 쓰고 있었는데 그 맑은눈 이뿌더라,,,
울 용화 길쭉하고 날씬하고 암튼 이상적인 체형이었음,,,,멋진녀석,,,,^^

And our Yonghwa kyaa~~~~~~so handsome
So much better than at the fan signing I went to
He was wearing glasses and his eyes were pretty…
Our Yonghwa has great body proportions…handsome bastard… ^^

thanks to MountainMadman and Caliope @ seohwa soompi thread!

Seohyun is really a goddess and I could only imagine how handsome Yonghwa is!!  I really hope that I would have the chance to see them in the future up close!!  Kyaaa! Please go to my country!!!! LOL at the last line.. Handsome Bastard! hahaha!!!


3 Comments on “[FANACCOUNT] YongSeo is a very good-looking couple in Busan”

  1. Minh says:

    hheheh i like this news alot, but it will be better if you have some pictures LOL

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Michelle Novhanda and Fai 파이, YongSeo Couple. YongSeo Couple said: [FANACCOUNT] YongSeo is a very good-looking couple in Busan: http://t.co/Gf153ZS […]

  3. Nochi says:

    wowww I want to see them that close too TT

    if it has a chance pls come to Thailand >< hahahah

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