[PHOTOS] More fantaken pictures of YongSeo in Busan

no hotlinking gogumas 🙂

cr. dcmarried shared by sonia0805 and graxhaie@seohwa soompi thread

It is not a rumor anymore! they are really in Busan!! I do hope Seohyun already met Yong’s parents… Even though the WGM PDs wouldn’t air it.. It would be okay for me.. 🙂 It was also said that they filmed in Yong’s high school! Cute!! Yonghwa would be able to share a lot of stories to Hyun! And oh.. That beach scene is really must-watch!!!! KYAAA! Walking on the beach is always romantic! I really hope they held hands!! :p


3 Comments on “[PHOTOS] More fantaken pictures of YongSeo in Busan”

  1. Minh says:

    hehe I am waiting on this Saturday

  2. mnmgirl says:

    when will this episode be aired? i already watched till episode 38 but there never seen this episode..
    YongSeo kyaa!!!

  3. oki yoiko says:

    huaaa, i’m so happy for this news.. yeah i hope too. at least hyun met yong’s mother bcoz she’s Hyun’s fans right…!!!.. yeah Yongseo all day in busan, bcoz the picture was took till night right??

    LOve Yongseo more & more.. They’re looks so sweet together!!!!

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