[RUMOR] YongSeo filming in Busan

shared by bolmaejung@seohwa soompi thread

DDochi_Park Chido Park 해운대에 밥먹으러 왔는데 우결 촬영 중이군~서현이랑 용화랑 밥먹고 나가네~~ㅋㅋ

translations by MountainMadman@seohwa soompi thread

Came to eat at Haewoondae and they’re filming WGM~Seohyun and Yonghwa are leaving after eating~~keke

Note from MountainMadman: 해운대, or Haewoondae, is a district in Busan. If the tweet is true, then chances are very good that they visited Yonghwa’s family! OMG!

This is it! They are already in Busan! I really hope they meet their inlaws already! One big happy family!!! 🙂


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