[FANACCOUNT] YongSeo in Busan

credit to: 百度紅薯夫婦吧 shared by catcheungcw@seohwa soompi thread


Filming content: They had lunch with High school teacher and friends in a restaurant nearby Haeundae.
It was not awkward at all.
Seohyun always smile and looks happy. Yonghwa seems a little bit nervous. He spokes in Busan dialect fluently.
Seohyun is cute as a doll (writer is a 3 yrs Seohyun male fan, please understand). This is the first time to see Yonghwa in a short distance. Yonghwa looks thin and smart. They are well matched.
Staffs like Seohyun and Yonghwa, they are always joking and laughing when taking rest.


Yonghwa’s hand was spotted with coco milk, he wanted to wash his hands. So the PD stopped filming and Seohyun went to washroom with Yonghwa.
Seohyun came out first and wait for Yonghwa. They went back to filming together.
Not so many staffs as expected. The atmosphere is very god. PD and writer like Seohyun and Yonghwa very much. While stop filming, Seohyun and Yonghwa sit together, and talked with PD and writer.
ps the fat PD (YongSeo’s PD) looks very cute, nice and warm.

我住在釜山,今天看到了郑容和和徐贤,在拍我结哦~郑容和回到故乡了,明星就是明星阿~实物真的是男的帅女的美,近距离看到他俩,郑容和眼睛好大,鼻子也很挺,长得很立体,徐贤很白很瘦,像洋娃娃。吃完饭之后工作人员打包装备出去的时候,他们俩个人一起看相机捧腹大笑,徐贤在重新扎头发的时候 ,容和一直在旁边捣乱,还帮擦掉徐贤脸上的灰?头发?总之看起来很美好


I (the writer) live in Busan. Today I saw Jung Yonghwa and Seo Hyun filming WGM. Yonghwa went back to his hometown. They are stars. Yonghwa is handsome and Seo Hyun is beautiful. Yonghwa has big eyes and a high nose. Seo Hyun is thin and white skin, just like a doll.
The staffs were packing the cameras after the meal, Yonghwa and Seo Hyun were looking at the digital camera and laughing together.
Yonghwa disturbed Seo Hyun when she was braiding her pigtail, and toke off something (dust or hair?) from her face. They looked very very good when they were together.

PS they went to Busan by KTX

Why do I have a feeling that YongSeo off cam is soooo much sweeter!! KYAAAAA!! Since their relationship is not rushed, we can definitely see that now, feelings are involved! Wieeee!!! Personal feelings!!


4 Comments on “[FANACCOUNT] YongSeo in Busan”

  1. syera says:

    Do you know where’s the sushi restaurant they visited?
    Seems that it is nearby Haeundae beach…

  2. eternityroses says:

    how i wish they can be a real couple!!

  3. oki yoiko says:

    Omo,, Yongseo really cute on/off filming… I feel something real in their relation.. We hope it will be true.. Yongseo DAEBAKK… They’re so cute together…

    Hyun changed a lot bcoz of Yong.. i Love it…

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