[SPAZZ] Seohyun’s Preference: Goguma vs. Person? (Then and Now)

We are all aware of Seobaby’s love for gogumas (sweet potatoes). There had been quite a few times when she was asked to choose between someone/something and gogumas, and usually she would pick gogumas.

Now, here’s a proof that Hyun’s preference regarding this (choosing Gogumas over anything) has changed… because of husband Yong~?

Then and Now

Then: KBS Sweet Night (2009)

Q: Song Seung Hun vs. Goguma?

A: Goguma

*check out the “Now” after the cut!…

Now: We Got Married Episode 33 (2010)

Q: Do you like gogumas, or your husband??

A: That’s stupid! How can you compare something you eat to a person?

cr: yoreizei & _d3seohyun @seohwa soompi thread + QWl09 @soshi soompi thread
screencaps weren’t done by me; reuploaded by twistedhearts@iloveyongseo

Of course nothing can compare to husband Yong~! Not even Gogumas! LOL and way to contradict what you said before Hyun. Hahahaha Yay Seobaby! ^^


2 Comments on “[SPAZZ] Seohyun’s Preference: Goguma vs. Person? (Then and Now)”

  1. anh says:

    I LOVE yongseo

  2. caca says:

    when she answered, i thought of johnny depp vs goguma. she picked goguma at that time but now hahahahaha yo~ng, ya won seobaby totalllllly

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