[NEWS + PHOTOS] Yonghwa’s Pre-debut picture revealed again

CNBLUEs leader Jung Yonghwa‘s past photos revelead to the public again and became hot topic. On 23rd Nov on an online community portal site was released “Yonghwa show past photos” as the subject is Yonghwa’s student photo.

Yonghwa‘s photos among his friends look very playful while posing his naughty expression. Having barbecue meal with friends, in the photos said “Ordinary high school student”.

Netizens comments, “just like the atmosphere-maker” “Even in the past, he was also a warm man ah”, “He’s really has innocent face and kind,”.

This Yonghwa‘s past photo revelead wasn’t for the first time. However, netizens have big interest to Yonghwa, and the attention was focused to his predebut pict.

Source : Tvreport
Translated & posted by omonOona@cnbluestorm

He’s just as pure and innocent as his wife Seohyun! 🙂


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