[Translations] Text Preview for YongSeo Episode 33

Original Text:

용화♡서현 : 용서부부의 취중(?)진담!
일본 여행의 마지막 밤, 처음으로 술자리를 갖기로 한 용화♡서현!
음주 초보(?) 용서부부! 시원하게 한 모금 들이켜니
방 안 분위기도 어느새 후끈 달아오르는데(?)~
이제는 말할 수 있다! 그간 말하지 못했던 속마음을 털어놓는 두 사람!
과연 용서부부가 알코올의 힘을 빌어 확인하는 서로의 애정도는?

일본여행 이후, 강화도 ‘두 줄 밭’으로 고구마 캐러 가는 날!
이른 아침, 신혼집의 용 남편은 고구마를 담아 올 포대자루를 챙기느라 정신없는데~
그런데, 이 와중에 현 부인이 멋지게 몰고 나타난 깜짝 자동차의 정체는?

Translations after the cut 🙂

Last night in Japan, Yonghwa and Seohyun’s first time drinking together! Drinking newbies YongSeo!
After one question by Seohyun, the atmosphere completely changes ~ Now they can talk! Things they couldn’t say before come spilling out! Due to the power of alcohol, what sorts of emotions come spilling out?
After the Japan trip, they’re going to Kanghwado to harvest their gogumas! Yong is busy preparing bags to harvest the gogumas while shocking Seohyun cooly brings a truck??

cr: SeIndi_jjang @ twitter shared by cloiee18@seohwa soompi thread

OMG!! OMG!! Too bad I won’t be able to watch the episode tomorrow because I’ll leave for MAMA.. aigoooo!!! I can attest to the effect of Alcohol!! YongSeo will spill the beans tomorrow! I hope they reveal their true feelings already! Even though it’s obvious, i hope they can say it! wieeee! And finally.. they are going to harvest their gogumas! Maybe Seohyun drove the truck to their house that’s why Yong was surprised.. haha!


2 Comments on “[Translations] Text Preview for YongSeo Episode 33”

  1. kudougirl says:

    thank god MBC didn’t cancel WGM.

    you’re going to MAMA?
    have fun!

    • jaslovesyg says:

      i also love the preview but i have to wait till monday to watch the episode.. hehe.. Yeah.. I’m going to watch MAMA.. It’s just sad since SNSD and CNBLUE is not going to be there..

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