[PHOTOS][Gifs] Yongseo walking with linked arms

no hotlinking gogumas 🙂

these are big gifs.. lol! haha! if it doesn’t move, try to open the image in new tab.. 🙂



cr. dcmarried ; reuploaded by jaslovesYG@iloveyongseo

I can’t get enough of this scene! Even if I have seen it a lot of times already.. I feel that I still haven’t seen enough.. haha! I hope you enjoy these big gifs as much I did! wieeee! 🙂


3 Comments on “[PHOTOS][Gifs] Yongseo walking with linked arms”

  1. Hyoraengi says:

    ottoke? i’m going to die out of this two! xDDD

  2. izzci says:

    can i request the song “it’s okay even if it hurts” by seohyun to be added in the playlist…
    kamsahamnida ^_^

  3. Nochi says:

    I agree with you.
    I really love this scene.
    once i turn on computer I have to re-watch this part again and again ><

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