[Translations] MC Kim Jung Min’s tweet regarding this week’s episode

MC Kim Jung Min’s tweet:


Translations by MountainMadman@seohwa soompi thread

Finished recording this week’s episode. It was interesting but not sure if it’ll be broadcast this Saturday because of the state of the country. Khuntoria movie episode…YongSeo’s goguma harvest…Adam’s new ____ episode (sorry, I don’t understand that specific part), etc…it was daebak~


Pray for Korea and Pray for peace! We really hope the situation in Korea doesn’t escalate any further.. Just like what the couple tee of Yongseo said in the Horror episode “Make Love not War”.


4 Comments on “[Translations] MC Kim Jung Min’s tweet regarding this week’s episode”

  1. chekahchelit says:

    hope the next ep will be out soon..
    btw, just wanna leave a comment bout the music for this site.. hope u dont mind.. )
    why dun u put love light as one of the songs.. well, i guess everybody will agree dat the song is the goguma rythm.. 🙂

    • jaslovesyg says:

      yeah.. that’s the official theme song of Yongseo.. hehe.. Though I want Love Light to be in there, I asked the gogumas in twitter for song requests for the BG song and the songs in the playlist are the first five songs to be requested.. I hope you understand.. 🙂

  2. Sonegirl says:

    Can’t wait for these eps~
    pray for korea!!!

  3. kudougirl says:

    hope the situation there will get better 😦

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