[News] The debate over screen time in ‘We Got Married’ has flared up again

The debate over screen time in ‘We Got Married’ has flared up again. To WGM fans, it is an old and ongoing debate.

There was talk for the 11/20 episode of WGM that the Adam Couple’s screentime was too little. They said that the story was not able to be satisfyingly told within 20 minutes.

The one-hour episode is divided equally into 20-minute parts. The stance of the PDs is that “some episodes should be longer and shorter depending on what happens”. There are episodes that deserve a longer running time and some that could do well with a shorter running time.

But this is, in fact, impossible. The WGM fans are fiercely supportive of their chosen couple and very attuned to how much time their couple gets. This feeling grew to a peak when, in the beginning of the year, the Hwangoo/Seulhye couple got less and less screen time until their episodes simply stopped broadcasting without even a final goodbye.

After this, the 20-minute rule has been kept. Soon enough, the prediction of the PD’s came true. The Adam Couple embarked on their 1-year anniversary. A 1-day trip was broadcast for 5 weeks. This led to an episode that the viewers were dissatisfied with. Jokwon and Gain couldn’t show their appeal within 20 minutes. The complaints of the fans, who had waited for one week, grew. The reasons were many but in the end, they boiled down to this: “give more time to our couple”.

Meanwhile, the Khuntoria couple used 1 day’s worth of shooting for 4 weeks of broadcast. Also, YongSeo’s 1-day trip is going on their 3rd week of broadcasting. The PD’s expectations came true: for longer stories, 20 minutes were too little, while for shorter stories, 20 minutes were too much. So WGM has hit upon a fundamental problem. They need to maintain viewership and continue the relationships, while maintaining an equal screen time for all couples.There has been talk amongst netizens about requesting ‘special’ episodes. They would tell stories that could not make the final cut of the broadcast episode. In response to this, the producers of the show said “if we have the opportunity, we will definitely consider it. But realistically, due to scheduling issues and production issues, whether it will happen or not is still undecided.” At least they are agreeing with the netizens, so it could be something to look forward to for the WGM fans.

Credits to Mountainmadman for translation
Posted by: YongSeo Couple♥@Facebook (super thanks!)
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Org. article: http://news.nate.com/view/20101122n15352?mid=e0100

hmm. things like this can’t be avoided. but let’s just spread love and peace my fellow gogumas! 🙂


2 Comments on “[News] The debate over screen time in ‘We Got Married’ has flared up again”

  1. gENIeeeey says:

    20 minute were too little, not enough to see our goguma’s relationship progress 😥

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