[TRANSLATIONS] Yongseo Couple – WGM Episode 32

credits to j2dlee@seohwa soompi thread

A sweet potato museum spotted!
MC Park: A sweet potato museum?
As they come in….
(A Japanese girl recognises Yong & Hyun)
MC Kim: Maybe she is a fan of the WGM!
But they are already absorbed in sightseeing…
Hyun: Huh? Sweet potatoes everywhere!
Yong: Haha!
(a variety of sweet potato snacks)
H: Sweet potatoes everywhere!
Y: This is a land of sweet potatoes.
H: I’m happy~
MC Park: Seo Hyun is a queen of the sweet potato land.
JW: Na Young, your outfit today looks like a sweet potato.
NY: Me? Why do I look like a sweet potato?
A (just) sweet potato Na Young in a sweet potato land?

H: Let’s try this!
(as soon as she finishes her sentence)
Y: Hm…? Matang (deep fried sweet potatoes covered in syrup)!
Y: It’s delicious~
H: I know, right?
Y: My mother would like it.
H: Really?
H: Does your mother like this kind of thing?
H: We should buy this for parents!
(Meanwhile Yong can’t stop munching)
Y: Hmm~ Delicious!
H: Yes!
(To the staff: Yong ‘It’s delicious~’)
H: This one, too.
Y: Is this one made of sweet potatoes, too?
H: Yes.
Every snack made of sweet potatoes
MC Park: It’s amazing, how they made all these from sweet potatoes…?
H: Sweet potatoes~
Y: Is this really made of sweet potatoes?
H: (in English) Sweet potato~
Y: Let’s buy this one and that one.
H: Shall we?
(After a joyful sweet potato shopping)

MC Park: The town is so beautiful.
Y: You should walk to the side of the road.
Y: My mother taught me that.
H: Thank you.
H: Then is it okay for a man to walk in the road?
Y: Yes. When a man and a woman walk in the street, the man should walk outside.
H: Yea~
Y: Let’s have some ice creams!

Even ice cream made of sweet potatoes?
MC Park: Maybe a sweet potato ice cream?
JW: It sounds delicious.
H: I think it’s a sweet potato ice cream!
In front of the shop…
H: What should we eat?
MC Park: It’s really amazing.
The staff: Welcome~
NY: Sweet potato flavour for Hyun!
For Hyun, 100% sweet potato ice cream, for Yong sweet potato + vanilla
MC Kim: 100% sweet potato!
What will a sweet potato ice cream taste like?
H: Oh~ it tastes like sweet potato!
Y: Does it?
H: Hmm~ it’s so good.

Y (waving): Ah, he’s cute.
(A boy: ‘ja-shik’^^)
JW & SO: Ja-shik!
Y: Why is it so hot today?
Even though it’s autumn, it’s scorching today.
H: I’ll say. Maybe summer is coming back.
Y: That’s not the way to eat ice cream.
(Yong’s sucking his ice cream)
H: Haha!
Yong knows how to enjoy an ice cream
H: It’s melting fast, because the weather is so hot.
H: Ah! What should I do? It’s all running down!
NY: Even Seo Hyun spills her food.
Y: Seo Hyun, I can give you tissue.
H: Thank you.
Y: 300 yen!
In a rapid ice cream thawing (?) situation…
Y: (posing for the picture) It’s like a press conference.
(A lady: Thank you, a young man)
H: Even while the ice cream is melting…(you’re posing for the camera)
MC Kim: Because our Korean idol groups are popular in Japan.
Y: Try to eat from the bottom.
(Hyun still trying to eat)
Y: It’s been about 3mins (since buying the ice cream), but the ice cream is almost gone.
People start gathering…
Y: Should they keep taking pictures of us while we’re eating…like this?
H: I know…
Y: Seo Hyun, you sit over here. I’m okay.
A Black Night Yong tries to protect his wife from cameras (A Black Night [heukkisa] is a Korean idiom for a gentle, brave man. Usually used when a man saves a woman from an awkward situation)
MC Park: Ah…
JW: Just showing them as they are would be cool, too.
Y: Finish your ice cream behind my back.
Having said that…
Y: (in Japanese) it’s delicious~
H: What…?!
(A grandma became Yong’s fan)
Y: You have to maintain your image.
Y: (whispering) have you finished? No? No, keep going.
She’s already busy eating…
A Black Night Yong and a sweet potato queen Hyun (hiding behind his back)
MC Kim: It must be really embarrassing.

Y: Kawagoe~
H: Kawagoe~
H: Sweet potatoes~ What is it…?
What is it this time?
A sweet potato game
H: You fit there perfectly!
Y: What? Perfectly?!
Y: You should try, too.
H: Do you want me to take a picture of you? It really suits you.
Y: Your face should come out a bit more.
H: How do I look?
Y: You look perfect!
H: It’s really funny!
How are their sweet potatoes in a two-row-field doing?
Having a relaxed day for the first time in a while
MC Park: Casually walk around for the first time in a while…
Y: Grannies having sweet potato ice cream~
H: Nyah~
Y & H (to the elderly ladies): Hello~
(Such a polite couple~)
Y: What’s this?
H: A street of snacks?
Y: It’s moving!
Cute fish toys in display
Y: Look at me!
This time a sweet potato photo-zone!
H: You look good in there!
Y: Do I look like sweet potato?
H: Yes. One, two, three!
I became a sweet potato~
Again! In a sweet potato café…
MC Kim: Are they eating sweet potatoes all day?
(Sweet potato parfait)
NY: I want to eat potatoes!
SO: A persimmon for me, please.
Meanwhile…a couple in a sweet potato land.
Y: I’ll try first.
H: Hmm~
Y: It’s good, isn’t it?
Such a refreshing flavour!
H: It’s delicious, delicious~
Y: I fancy sweet things today~
Y: You have this (offering her a slice of sweet potato)
H: Me? Really?
Y: My arms shaking, quick!
(a slice of sweet potato)
Y: Is it good or not?
Y: You’ve just had a rare-tem (rare-item), only one in this dish.
His love for a wife conveys through a sweet potato rare-tem…?!
H: It’s good.
Y: Ah~ am I in heaven?
H: This is heaven, a sweet potato heaven!
Y: Go-chun? (goguma=sweet potato + chunkook=heaven)
(watching her, ties up her hair)
Y: You once said that you like my fringe down.
H: Yes, I did.
Y: Since then, I always keep it down.
H: Oh, really?
Y: Yes, why?
H: You look good.
Y: Really?
H: Yes.
Praise makes Yong dances
H: What about me? Do you like it tied up or loose?
Y: Loose.
Hyun wife is curious about her hubby’s taste
MC Park: Men like that style.
NY: Yes, don’t know why.
Y: I like…tied up then loosened.
H: So do you want me to untie it?
Y: No, No, w-w-what I mean was…
H: Then I’ll untie it.
If you want it, I’ll do it
H: Happy?
Y: Why… do you respond so instantly?
Y: What I meant was… like this (shaking his head side to side).
H: Hmm~
(having said that, embarrassed again)
Y: Tie your hair…you’ll get ice cream on your hair.
H: Ah~
Y: It’s all the same. To me, both the same.
H: Okay.
Y: Shall we leave?
H: Shall we?
Shall we go out….?
H: Where are we going?
Y: Where?
H: Yes.
Y: Some place nice.
H: Where? Be careful!
Y: You’ll see once we get there.
H: Hmm, let’s go anyway.
They are heading to the place as Yong hubby planned.

(backroom interview)
Y: In that temple, there’s bulletin boards everywhere.
What kind of bulletin boards(?)…
Y: I heard that that temple is famous for forming ties for couples. It’s really a meaningful place, so…

Finally arrived…!
Y: Yah~
H: Here?
Y: Yes.
The place where Yong wanted to come with his wife…?
H: Really?
Y: Yes.
Y: They’re wishing for their luck.
Wooden tablets fill the whole place…
H: Oh, you write your message here.
MC Kim: It’s like hanging a love lock in Namsan.
MC Park: AH~
H: What’s this? What is this one with a baby on it?
(married couples, friends, children) they write wishes for various relationships and ties…
H: Is it for wishing good health for a baby?

Decided to write their own tablets
Y: Here, each tablet has different uses and meanings.
H: Ah~ Which one should we choose?
Y: Which one you like?
H: I don’t like this one to start with…
(a tablet with a drawing of the car-a reminder of their driving tests)
Y: Why?
H: No, I’m joking.
For Hyun wife…
Y: This one (with a flower)!
The staff: That one….is for a married couple wishing for a healthy baby and an easy labour.
Y & H:…!
The staff: So… that’s that….
Y: Then, what about this one (with a horse)?
The staff: That one is for a good affinity, wishing that the current relationship grows and continues for a long time.
MC Park: An affinity!

The couple picked the tablet for a good affinity
(tucking up his sleeves)
Y: I’ll write first.
Y: Hyun….
H: Hehe..
What message Yong left for Hyun…
(eager to see her message)
H: Wait for a bit!
Y: Why are you keeping it secret?
H: It’s not a secret.
While the wife fills another half of the tablet…
(Don’t look)
Y: I’m not looking, not looking!
JW: What is she writing…?
H: Why? I’m going to show it to you later.
(Yong spots the front space empty!)
Y: Firmly, firmly.
H: Do it several times.

Yong’s message:
Hy~un! You’ll be a big hit in Japan, as your fortune said! I’ll support you always! While we’re apart, let’s both, fighting!
H: Your drawing is good.

Y: I’m a painter!
H: Well done.
Y: I’m a painter Jung.
H: Painter Jung!
Y: Yes.

Hyun’s message:
Yong~! Let’s cherish our memories together and let’s make even better ones! SDSN and CNBlue will soon make it all over world. Will always support you~!

Soon sun’s set…
Looking for their accommodation…
H: Wow, the moon is so bright!
Y: Yabai, Yabai (A Japanese expression when a person is impressed or surprised by something)
H: Yabai.
Y: This place just looks like Seoul, only the language is different.
H: Yes, I see.
It’s been a while since they walk together in the evening…
Y: Ah, is that it?
Y: Sakumaryokan!
H: Ah..!
They’re going to stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan…
MC Park: It’s something like an inn in Korea.
The traditional Japanese ryokan!
SO: You see in Japanese comic book…!
H: Are we in the right place?
Y: Yes.
Y: It looks scary. Oww!!!
H: Why are you….!
Scared by an automatic door…
As soon as they’re in, the lady comes out to greet them.
Ladies: Welcome~
(The owner of the ryokan)
H: It looks like a kidney bean.
The owner: This way…
Y & H: Thank you.

Dignified atmosphere…!
MC Kim: Wow, it’s good!
MC Park: It looks really traditional, this ryokan.
A well groomed garden is in display…
Y: It’s like something you see in the movie.
H: Yes.
After the tour of the house…
Y: It’s an old building…
The owner: Let’s go to the room.
Y & H: Yes.
Seo Joo Hyun, Jung Yong Hwa
MC Park: Ah, Seo Joo Hyun, Jung Yong Hwa!
MC Kim: They usually put a piece of paper with your names written on it.
MCs: Ah~
Y: Is this room…? Daddaddan~
Y: There’ll be another room behind this door, right?
H: Yes.
Y: One, two, three-
Y & H: Oh~
Clean, traditional Japanese tatami (a straw-matted) room.
As they open the window…
MC Park: There’ll be a garden outside.
A small garden greets them…
NY: It’s so beautiful.
JW (in Japanese): Awesome~

Y: Just like in the movie.
H: I’ll say.
Y: Ah, you know that, that…
Y: In a martial art movie (?), there’s a boss (?) sitting here…
H: Yes!
Y: (in a low tone) ‘I see…’ Then (his subordinates) spread dalalalalala…. You know what I’m saying, no?
H: What’s tha…?!
Our Yong choding, saw ‘The Son of the General’ yesterday?
MC Park: Ah, ‘The Son of the General’!
Y: Always, just before the fight, they have a cup of tea.
(The last cup of tea)
Y: ….Chi, Paaat!!!! You know what I’m saying?
H: Yes.
Our proud Yong choding.
Y: I think I saw too many films.
H: I think so, too.
At this moment! The lady comes in like a movie
(‘Who are you…?!’)
Just came in to prepare your dinner…
Kaiseki: A traditional multi-course Japanese dinner
MC Park: It’s like a Korean multi-course meal (Han-jung-sik) in here.
JW: It sounds good.

(Yong bows too without realising)
Never received such cordial hospitability
Hyun buin becomes solemn, too
The course starts…!
(what’s this?)
MC Kim: Wow, it looks so appetising!
NY: Really it does!
MC Kim: Sushi!
The first course: sushi
Y: They’re still coming! There’s no end!
Y: It’s a chestnut.
H: Really?
Both engrossed in food
MC Kim: They’re going to dip their heads in the food any minute.
And yet more to come…!
(suddenly it became a food show)
MC Kim: Deep fried prawns!
MC Park: Like, when we go to the sushi restaurant in Korea…Skidashi (?)…
MC Kim: Side dishes?
NY: Side dishes…!
A variety of side dishes…?
Y: I don’t know where to start.

Such a grand dinner that the table might break…!
H: I think it’s garlic.
Y: Hmm? It’s really good, try, quick!
H: Really?
H: Hmm~!
MC Park: I knew that she’d make that expression.
(imitating his wife)
JW: Hmm~!
Y: Hmm~! It’s good, right?
H: Yes.
Y: This one is tuna.
H: Oh, it’s most soft.

(H: taking a picture)
H: One, two, three-
(Y:instantly in a dica mode)
MC Park: Ah, they’re playing~
(Y: ‘Did you just call me?’)
Y: The concept for this picture is being spotted while eating covertly.
H: What’s this?
Y: Don’t try to maintain (your image), in front of your husband! (meaning, don’t try hard to look pretty, since there’re only two of them)
MC Kim: Well said!
H: Ah, you’re really weird!
Y: What’s weird?!!
But still can’t give up on looking pretty
Y: You look pretty~ the picture came out good~
(what is he doing…?)
H: What am I supposed to do? Am I going to be eaten?
(still trying)
Y: Just wait.
H: HaHa! So funny!
Trying to make a hotdog….
(keep the angle…)
Y: That’s it, that’s it! Let’s go, one, two, three!
(too far…)
MCs: Eh~!!
NY: It was too far!
Y: Nearly there!
Again…successful this time…?
JW: He said ‘nearly there’, but it was miles away!
Y: One, two, three!
MCs: Eh~!
MC Park: Why are we too disappointed?
MC Park: …It’s just a picture.
Even if it’s just a picture, the couple is so happy.
Y: I’m looking at you.

The lady comes in with desserts
Y: It’s dessert!
The owner of the ryokan came in too
The owner: Excuse me.
The owner: I’m sorry to interrupt you two, but my granddaughter is a big fan of you…
She came in for an autograph!
MC Kim: The Korean wave is really big!
(The Korean wave star, Yong-sama?)
MC Park: People recognise me even in Mongol~
JW: Really?
The first Korean wave generation, auntie Misun (MC Park’s first name)?
MC Park: Midal’s mother! (her character in a Korean drama, ‘Sunpung Obstetrics and Gynaecology’)
MCs: Hahahaha!!!

The dignity of the owner is forgotten for a while…
The owner: Thank you very much.
So the instant autography event(?) has ended…
MC Park: I’m proud of them.
MC Kim: Of course!

Changed into comfortable clothes…
H: I’m so full~
Y: How come it’s so delicious?
H: I know~
8:30 pm, a bit too early to go to bed…
Y: I like food too much.
H: I know. I’m so full, won’t be able to sleep tonight.
Y: We’re on a trip.
H: Yes.
Y: Since we’re on a trip… how about having a drink?
H: What?!
MC Park: Isn’t this the first time he suggests something like this?
H: Hmm…
MC Kim: But since they’re on a trip abroad….
H: Let’s go!
MC Park: Huh?!
SO: Huh?!
Yong: ..?! Y-Yes…
As usual, Hyun never gives no for an answer
MC Kim: Can she drink alcohol?
MC Park: No, she can’t.
JW: No.
H: Then we should go out. Where?
Y: Really? Shall we go then?
H: Let’s go~
So the couple has a drinking party(?) after the free day trip…
Y: I’m really going.
H: Haha! I’m going too.
Y: You’re following me.

H: Run forward~!!
Y: Run where?
SO: It’s really looks like the house of Jjangoo (the character of the Japanese comic book).
H: Left?
Y: Turn left?
H: Turn left!
Y: This place is similar to ours.
The excited couple on a night stroll
H: Oh~ Our town is slightly bigger.
Y: Walk this way.
H: Let’s walk on this side together.
Y: No, a man should walk outside.
A man should walk outside…!
MCs: Aww~
H: No, come this way! Quick!
The night air is fresh…
H: Oh, it’s really dark.
(lonely night… dangling hands with no place to go)

(eventually folds across his arms)
Y: What would we do if there were no convenient shop?
Arrived in the convenient shop for a party!
H: Yea~
(excited, attacking the convenient shop?)
H: Haha!
(For hyun, non-alcoholic beverage)
Y: Non-alcohol…No-alcohol.
MC Park: Ah~
Agent Yong, attacking the convenient shop?
H: What are you doing?
SO: Ah, he’s really choding!
NY: It’s so childish!
I’m here~
Yong Choding
SO: On the opposite side of the aisle, gunning at each other…
(JW, SO Yong’s other choding friends)

Y: Oh, this really looks like a beer!
For Hyun non-alcoholic beverage
H: I’ve never seen something like this.
NY: It makes you feel as if you’re drunk.
NY: I used to drink that a lot when I go to karaoke room!
H: What’s that?
(a mini can of beer)
Y: You sleep well after drinking this. Isn’t it cute?
NY: It’s cute!
H: It’s cute but I can’t trust it.
Y: Why? This is a real beer.
(Hyun Kid full of curiosity)
H: Why is it so small? Does that mean it it’s high-proof?
Y: No, it’s just the size of the can.
(Yong guns his beer at Hyun and Hyun does the same)
H: Mine is bigger!
NY: She shouldn’t play with him, it’ll get only worse.

On the way back to the accommodation
MC Park: They look good together.
H: Hmm…
Y: Are you tired?
H: No!
H: Hmm…
MC Kim: Uh, her arm is….
JW: The atmosphere is…
MC Kim: Ohhhhh~~~ Yea~~~!!!
The studio has gone wild with an unexpected Yongseo jackpot…!
NY: Oh, my god!

(Hyun links her arms with him, voluntarily!)
H: Let’s go.
Y: What’re you doing~?
(playing a cool city man)
MC Kim: Seo Hyun initiated it!
NY: I totally didn’t see it coming!
(By the way, what are you going to do with your arm…?)
JW: Look at Yong hwa’s arm!
SO: What should we do with him?!
MC Kim: He’s so stiff! His arm’s like 90 degrees! Like this, like this!
MC Park: He doesn’t know what to do with his arm!
H: Why there are no stars?
Y: Haven’t you heard that all the stars disappeared?
MC Kim: That’s not the way to link arms!
The moon light is so bright…
Y: Did you just see it sparkle?
H: Over there!
(but the arm is still frozen)
MC Kim: It’s not even a right angle, what is that?!
MC Park: Seo Hyun’s bolder than I thought.
H: It can see us from over there…
Y: Really? Can see us?
(Yong’s) Cheekbones….sparkling!
Y: That star still…lights us… Why does it keep looking at us?
MC Kim: Eyah~ you’re enjoying it!

(backroom interview)
PD: You looked so stiff…?
Y: Rather than linking arms like this (gesturing a stiff arm linking)… A man should…a man’s hand is in his pocket and a woman links her arms with his…

MC Park: What’re you talking about? You were the one who did… (a stiff arm folding)!
JW: Your arm was like…!
We saw it already~!

Y: Isn’t it cool?^^ Keukkeukkeuk… That’s a Busan guy style.
NY: Do Busan men link their arms like that (again, a stiff arm gesture)?!

MC Kim: He’s over the moon with such an unexpected gesture from Seo Hyun.
Y: There’s a rabbit, it’s pounding a mortar (In a Korean traditional story book, there’s a rabbit living in a moon with pestle and mortar)
MC Kim: He said he can see a rabbit pounding a mortar, he’s beginning to hallucinate!
H: It really looks like something’s over there.
Y: Of course there is (it-ji~)
Y: There is (it-ji=also ‘1’ in Japanese)~ Ni (2)
H: Aww!!
H: Si (4)!
Y: Go (5)!
H: Ryoku (6)!
Y: This is how you do it.
H: Hmm…
Ends with a not-so-funny joke…
SO: They look good with their arms linked together.
MC Park: Yes, they do. And Seo Hyun looks so pretty, especially.

Came back to the room
Today’s party, for Hyun, non-alcoholic beverage…!
H: I’m surprised, had no idea that there’s something like this in the world.
Y: Me, too. I’ve never seen something like that before.
For Yong, a mini can of beer!
H: Yes, me neither.
Y: Isn’t it cute?
H: If you just look at the size of the can, it feels like I should drink that one.
For the first time, the couple drinks together^^
Y: Do you want to try?
H: No-
H: Is it delicious?
Y: Yes.
H: Orange? Lemon?
Y: No~
What are we going to talk about…?

I haven’t read the whole thing yet since I am very sleepy already and it’s almost 2:30 am from where I am from so I can’t react to the episode.. haha! All I know is it’s Daebak!! Congrats to the Goguma Villagers.. We were trending a while ago because of the skinship Hyun did! 🙂


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