[TRANSLATIONS] Yonghwa and Seohyun’s messages for each other

Translations shared by _hachimitsu@seohwa soompi thread

what hyun wrote at the shrine/temple (sorry im not sure which one they went)

hyun wrote: yong~ i’ll think of the time we’ve spent so far preciously. Let’s make even better memories~! SNSD and CN Blue will be great! I’ll always cheer (for you? – in korean the ‘to who’ is not specified)

yong: hyun~ you’ll be daebak in japan! i’ll always support/ cheer for yoU! even though we’re apart- both of us hwaiting!

cr: misosouped@sweetpotatodays chatbox, Emotional@dcgallery

No matter the distance, I know you guys always keep each other in your hearts! YONGSEO make more beautiful memories together with your Goguma villagers! 🙂


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