[PREVIEW][Translations] Text Preview for We Got Married Episode 32 – YongSeo Couple

We Got Married’s official site posted a text preview of tomorrow’s episode.

용화♡서현 : 고구마 나라의 용서부부♡
고구마 천국 가와고에 거리에서 자유여행을 만끽하는 용화♡서현!
두 사람은 온통 고구마로 만든 간식거리들에 푹 빠져 헤어 나오지 못 하고~
‘인연을 맺어주는 사원’에 걸어 둘 팻말에 요옹과 혀언은 서로에게 뭐라고 적었을까?

어느 덧 날이 저물고 하룻밤 묵게 될 일본 전통 여관인 료칸에 간 두 사람!
저녁식사로 나오는 일본식 가이세키 요리를 처음 맛보는 두 사람의 반응은?
그리고, 둘만의 오붓한(?) 뒤풀이를 위해 근처 편의점으로 산책을 나서는 용서부부!
현 부인이 난생처음 용 남편에게 스스로 시도한 깜짝 스킨십은 과연?

Translations under the cut…


Yonghwa ♥ Seohyun: Goguma Land’s YongSeo Couple ♥

Enjoying their trip to Gawagoe, Goguma Heaven!
They don’t notice the time passing amid the goguma snacks~
What did they write to each other on the “relationship-strengthening” wall?

The sun has set, the couple goes to their traditional Japanese inn to spend the night!
Their reaction to the traditional Japanese dinner, gaiseke?
Seeking some alone time, they go for a night walk to the grocery store!
Hyun wife’s first attempt at skinship, how will it turn out?

Source: We Got Married Official Site
translations credit: MountainMadman @ soompi seohwa thread

OMG!!! Hyun~ attempting a skinship?! O_O woahh I’m getting excited. I definitely can’t wait for this episode already! I just hope the attempt is actually successful. Go Seobaby~ Lol


5 Comments on “[PREVIEW][Translations] Text Preview for We Got Married Episode 32 – YongSeo Couple”

  1. fajunki says:

    omg!! so excited! today is saturday…lovely couple is coming…

  2. jaslovesyg says:

    Go Seohyun!! I’m so excited I think I would think of this until the episode comes out tomorrow! I’m so curious on how will Seohyun do it! kyaaaa!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!

  3. izzci says:



  4. indy says:

    I can’t wait too!!! Saturday pali waaaaaaa >.<

  5. love yongseo says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. cant wait for tomorrow…hyuuunn..hahaha..daebak

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