[VIDEO + Translations][Yongseo Love] Yonghwa Interview – SBS Night After Night

Click these for the subbed video http://www.twitvid.com/CMQYI credits to Yuki and Judy

These are translations by MountainMadman@seohwa soompi thread

Y: What are you supposed to do if you like a girl who lives life very cleanly and honestly?

Subtitle: This is suspicious…

Jaedong: Is there a reason you’re asking this?

Subtitle: all the focus is on YONGHWA

Interviewer: Do you like someone?

Interviewer #2: Sit here, please.

-Audience Laughter-

Subtitle: YONGHWA is now the focus of the questions!

Subtitle: (sorry, my Korean isn’t nearly good enough for this one…)

We’re now at the 0:22 mark.

Interviewer #2: You’re supposed to ride the subway! (Note: this is a Korean idiom that means you have to finish something you started)

Subtitle: Witty!

Psy: Yonghwa is asking me what to do if you like a girl who’s honest and clean.

Yonghwa: Yes.

Psy: How you’re supposed to approach her.

Yonghwa: Yes.

Psy: Is that girl…someone we know?

Yonghwa: You could know her, but you might not.

Interviewer #3: Does she go by herself, or in a pack?


Subtitles: by now, must’ve guessed who he was talking about…

Psy: Tell us how many are in the pack.

Myungsoo: I’m right here. (NOTE: this is a pun. Myung = form of counting when referring to people. Soo = how many.)

Subtitles: Smile!

We’re now at the 1:00 mark.

Interviewer #2: Do you love her?

Yonghwa: What? (NOTE: Technically, he said “Yes?” but in reality it means “What?”….although that doesn’t stop us from dreaming, lol)

Psy: You’re fingering the couple ring.

Subtitles: Is that the couple ring he got with her…?

Interviewer #3: Is she a girl…? (NOTE: this is a joke. He used the phrase “So Nyuh”, a word for ‘girl’ which isn’t often used. He’s referring to So Nyuh Shi Dae, the Korean name for Girls Generation.)


Subtitles: the elders are very into teasing Yonghwa

Psy: Yonghwa and Seohyun. (Gesturing to the screen.)

Subtitles: They’re currently on a program as imaginary couples

Subtitles/Interviewer #3: Oh, the girl who travels in a pack?

Subtitles: That’s going too far~

Subtitles/Interviewer #3: Are you protecting her, by any chance?


Jaedong: When was your last kiss?

Yonghwa: I don’t remember.

Psy: When do you plan to kiss her?

Yonghwa stands up, end of “interview”. ^_^

KYAAAA! YONGSEO IS REALLY REAL! I SWEAR! I don’t even know what to say right now.. The only thing that is missing now is Yonghwa admitting that he loves Seohyun..  but Silence means Yes right?? Aigooo!! Maybe those people know something we don’t know.. waaa! spazztastic!!


One Comment on “[VIDEO + Translations][Yongseo Love] Yonghwa Interview – SBS Night After Night”

  1. kaye says:

    what episode is this in???

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