[VIDEO + TRANSLATIONS][Yongseo Love] Yonghwa Cut – SBS Night After Night Part 2

Click this for the video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xfnc0r_101115-night-after-night-e01-part-3-5_

credits to: soleilavery@dailymotion

Thanks again to MountainMadMan@seohwa soompi thread for the translations!

Starting from the 0:58 mark (the part before that’s basically Yonghwa asking the question “What is a good method of getting closer to the girls you like?”

Psy: I personally think that in a relationship, phone calls are very important.

Psy: there’s also a time when your senses overcome your feelings. (not sure if that’s right, but it’s what I got)

Yonghwa: there’s a specific time?

Psy: 11:30 PM. That’s actually the time that’s best for doing phone calls.

Psy: At that time, your sense of judgment is weakened. You feel like doing things you normally wouldn’t want to do, you’re basically the opposite of what you usually are.

Psy: You just want to laugh, you just want to feel, and you just feel like drifting off to sleep.

(I’m not sure I translated the above part with 100% accuracy. Basically, he’s saying that your judgment is weakened at 11:30 PM. :P )

At the 1:43 mark.

Subtitle: should write that down

Psy: there’s an idiom that says “every tree falls within 10 strokes”. (NOTE: Korean idiom. Sounds stupid in English.)

Psy: but ONLY trees fall when you cut them 10 times. For people, they hurt!

Subtitle: Ohhhhh~

Interviewer: So how do you…? (NOTE: He actually said more, but I couldn’t hear it above Psy’s voice)

Psy: When you make a phone call, regardless of the length, I try to put in as much effort as possible. I make a list of things to talk about.

At the 2:15 mark.

1. First impressions – ask how they’re doing
2. Ask thoroughly about things that have happened
3. Find things that they share in common
4. If you find one, don’t let go!

Psy: I write them all down! Like a well-planned variety show.

Subtitle: Perfect from start to finish!

Yonghwa: So what’s your percentage of success?

Psy: Do you know about that story? When Indians pray for rain, their chance of success is 100%. Do you know why?

Psy: Because they keep praying until it rains.

Subtitle: fantastic example

Psy: My chance of success is also 100%. Because I keep trying until I succeed. So it was 100%, and right now I’m doing very well at raising a family.

At the 3:15 mark.

Yonghwa: Why don’t you show us some proof of your skills?

Subtitle: show us the proof

Subtitle: with me?

Psy: I told you it was about phone calls, right?

Subtitle: We’re looking at each other right now…

Subtitle: then think it’s a phone call!

Subtitle: now?

Yonghwa: make sure you don’t go over too easily.

Subtitle: don’t be too easy!

Girl: I get it.

At the 3:33 mark

Psy: Hello?

Girl: Hello?

Psy: Oh, is it you?

Girl: Yeah, oppa.

Subtitle: right now, it’s 11:30

Psy: what are you doing right now?

Girl: about to sleep.

Psy: sleeping so soon?

Girl: well, it’s 11:30.

Psy: what time is it?

Girl: 11:30.

Psy: Why are you sleeping at 11:30? For a pretty girl like you, that’s doing a disservice to your face.

Subtitle: sneakily making the other person feel good

Psy: I just wanted to talk to you for a bit.

Girl: Ohh…yes

Subtitle: became relaxed after hearing compliment~

Psy: do you sometimes drink?

Girl: What? Oh, yes, sometimes.

Psy: like what?

Girl: like soju…

Psy: Oh, you like soju?

Subtitle: found common interest!

Psy: how much do you drink?

At the 4:10 mark.

Girl: Oh, I don’t drink it too often.

Subtitle: now hold on to it

Psy: around half a bottle?

Girl: yes

Psy: half a bottle…around 3 glasses, 4 glasses?

Subtitle: Wow~

Girl: yes…

Psy: so what do you like to eat along with soju?

Interviewer: why are you talking about this at 11:30 at night?

Subtitle: surprisingly, the conversation keeps flowing

Girl: Actually, I keep answering his questions for some reason. It’s strange!

Psy: So what do you like?

Girl: I don’t know, what do you like?

Subtitle: now she’s the one asking!

Psy: Wow, I think this is the first time you’ve asked me a question in return.

Subtitle: only applause

at the 5:00 mark (stupid commercials).

Psy: You’re asking me what I like?

Girl: yeah.

Psy: I like you.

Subtitle: Wow

Subtitle: Psy is a master at dating!

(there’s an idiom I’m not getting here between these two lines.)

Jaedong: how did you feel from a woman’s point of view?

Girl: I was very surprised. Like, “what the…?”

Subtitle: what the?

Psy: Actually, my strategy is based on that concept.

Subtitle: everything starts with “what the”!

Subtitle: it’s important to grab her attention

Psy: for girls like her, the most effective way to get that reaction is to actually blow her off a couple times.

Interviewers: (shocked reaction) (another idiom I’m not getting…)

At the 6:00 mark.

Subtitle: Yonghwa is only able to stare in admiration

Psy: so then, girls like her are going to be flustered. She’s going to think “what the…?”

Subtitle: make her flustered

Psy: and she begins to think “did he really?”

Subtitle: “did he really?”

Psy: and that slowly changes into “he likes me”. (NOTE: in Korean, these two phrases sound similar.)

Interviewer: Kim Soo-ro, I think we’re slowly losing ground here. (NOTE: I have no idea what this is referring to. Probably because I don’t know what kind of skit they’re doing.)

Soo-ro: Well, I’m a bit different from Psy.

Subtitle: different from Psy?

At the 6:33 mark.

Soo-ro: Well, I really like girls.

Subtitle: What?

Soo-ro: because I’m not that particularly good-looking, so there’s no pressure. And I’m not (perverted) like a few people here… (NOTE: literal translation. I’m sure he meant it in a different definition that I’m not aware of. In any case, it has a bad meaning.)

Subtitle: a few people?

Jaedong: I’m sorry, but can you tell us who these people are?

Subtitle: an issue that needs to be solved!

Soo-ro: It’s not you!

Myungsoo: Who is it then? Who?

Soo-ro: It’s not you, either.

Myungsoo: Oh, okay then.

Interviewer: Then is it me?

At the 7:00 mark.

Yellow Subtitles: Yes~


The part that came before Yonghwa’s question (where Psy was pretending to hold a conversation with the girl) was supposed to be a demonstration on how to hold a successful phone conversation with someone you really like.

And I’d be willing to bet money that Yonghwa’s question about honest girls WAS NOT SCRIPTED. ^_^ I think it just came out naturally, something he came up with on the spot because he was genuinely curious.

Also, probably nothing much, but right after Yonghwa stood up, the black subtitles at the bottom said:

“We’ll try and figure out her identity next time *wink*.”

Take that for what you will…

After that, Myungsoo said:

“In order to get Yonghwa to tell us his last kiss, let’s all talk about our last kisses.”

Psy: Actually, I want to say something to handsome guys like Yonghwa. I found that the more handsome a guy is, the harder time he has on approaching a girl.

Yellow subtitles off to the side: The girl comes to him, why should he go to her?

At the 9:00 mark.

Subtitles: the more handsome he is, the worse he gets at dating…

Psy: he doesn’t care for girls who go to him, but he has a hard time approaching girls he likes.

Psy: So I want to say this to you – about relationships with girls. If it works out with a girl, that’s great. But if it doesn’t, it’s no big deal. So there’s no reason to be fretful.

Subtitles: Don’t be afraid of expressing your love

The Guy Who Stood Up: when are you holding your next lecture?

Yonghwa: Seriously though, I feel that I’ve learned a lot.

At the 9:33 mark.

Jaedong: You stood up to ask questions, and you’re coming back after holding a counseling session.

Yonghwa: You need to listen to him too.


I love Psy!! hahaha! Let’s wait if Yonghwa uses the advice Psy gave!! I don’t even know what to say.. HAHAHA!!! I guess the translations speak for itself! 🙂


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  1. kudougirl says:

    i love you psy. hahahahahaha

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