[VIDEO + Translations] CNBLUE – Hot Chili Paper DVD

cr. tvxqtotakako

(The Japanese part is a greeting.)
Q: If tomorrow is day off, what do you want to do?
Minhyuk: Since I’m in Shibuya now, I want to walk around streets of Shibuya like I did when I was in Shibuya one year ago. I want to go shopping here and there, and eat various delicious foods.
Yonghwa: I want to eat Kyudong as breakfast, go shopping to Harajuku, watch other bands performing street live.
After their performance finished, I want to perform street live too.
Jonghyun: I want to take a rest at home, lying down on the sofa, watching TV, eating tangerine and yogurt. (He always says it. I hope he can do it someday.)
Jungshin: If possible, I want to go the live house and perform there like I did before. After the performance, I will eat delicous Ramen.

Yongseo moment after the cut!

Q: What’s your favorite type of woman?
Minhyuk: I like comfortable type of girl like a friend. I don’t care the age.
Yonghwa: I like cute girl, who understands whatever I do, who doesn’t tell a lie and who is good-hearted.
Jonghyun: I like a girl who has sense of humor, who makes me smile when I’m with her.
Jungshin: I like a girl who has broad mind and understands me well.
(They always answer the same)

cr. saturn.@cnblue soompi thread for translations

Cute girl – Check!! Understands whatever I do – Check!! Who doesn’t tell a lie – Check!! Who is good hearted – CHECK CHECK CHECK!! Answer: SEOHYUN!! hahaha!!


2 Comments on “[VIDEO + Translations] CNBLUE – Hot Chili Paper DVD”

  1. Yongseo says:

    yes! cute girl and good-hearted Like Seohyun . 😀

  2. Sweety says:

    Wow what Yong said about his ideal .good heart don’t lie and understand him,that is Srohyun.

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