[Translations] SNSD on Youngstreet

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Youngstreet – Seohyun’s ideal man in SNSD

Heechul: You must get a lot of questions about WGM. Should we skip it?
Seohyun: Uhh…
Heechul: If we skip, I’ll think of another question
Yuri: What about Hyoyeon?
Heechul: Hyoyeon, if you were to do WGM which male would you want to do it with?
Tiffany: What if~ what if!
Then they start singing Taeyeon’s “If”
Heechul: Go ahead, Hyoyeon. Or what imagine that the rest of the members are males. Who would you pick?
Hyoyeon: I don’t want to pick anyone
Heechul: Then back to you, Seohyun. Since you are a woman, the rest of the members are all men. Which member is closest to your ideal man?
Seohyun: Ideal man?
Jessica: If Seohyun is a man?
Members: No if we are.
Taeyeon: Or if this unnie was born a man, they would be handsome.
Seohyun: Sooyoung unnie.
Jessica: Ah you like Sooyoung’s style

Youngstreet – LONELINESS!

Heechul: In your opinion, which member is prone to loneliness?
Seohyun: First off, I think Hyoyeon envies me the most
Heechul: Do you get lonely, Hyoyeon?
Hyoyeon: Its because I’m her roommate. Even if I don’t want to hear about it, she keeps bragging to me.

cr. KissMez @ twitter

Hyun and her unnies are avoiding the WGM question… Why??? Is it because they don’t want to promote WGM because it’s from another station or there’s some other reason behind it… hmmmmm…… I am so happy with Hyoyeon dishing out info again about Seohyun.. No wonder she’s very envious of Seohyun.. Hyun always brags about how awesome Yonghwa is to her!! hahaha!! 🙂


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