[NEWS] Yonghwa Cheering Message

The date of 2010 national college exam is on Nov 18. Yesterday (Nov.11) Yonghwa left a cheering message to test-taker juniors, ‘If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it!’. It sounds like telling himself.

Yonghwa came to Seoul the next day of 2007 national college exam. So it’s exactly 3 years. Jonghyun came to Seoul the same day. He transfered to a highschool in Seoul. Since then, they have been living together till now. They are 3 years couple.

CNBLUE went to Japan early of 2009. They came to Seoul at Nov for the first time after they went for 3 brothers to take 2009 national college exam. That’s why they could attend FT. Island concert on Nov 2009 as guests.

Now all 4 members of CNBLUE are at same college. Yonghwa is 3rd year, others are 1st year. They must be registered to college, or they must go to military service. At May of this year, Jonghyun who became 20 took the physical examination for military service.

Source : Nate
Translated by Saturn@soompi
Re-posted by omonOona@cnbluestorm

I didn’t know CNBLUE was attending college.. Good for them!! With all their schedules.. I hope they still have time to attend their classes! 🙂


2 Comments on “[NEWS] Yonghwa Cheering Message”

  1. ssarangbit says:

    lol~ i dunno either that yonghwa is still in college . kekeke~

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