[PHOTOS + Rumor] Seohyun getting her make-up done

cr. dcmarried

So I went to dcmarried for any Yongseo news since November 11 is Pepero Day in Korea and tada! I saw this.. haha!! I was wondering what the make-up session is for so when I checked the Seohwa soompi thread.. I found this post by Caliope and Genxv..

Rumor after the cut 🙂

As shared by Caliope @ seohwa soompi thread

According to http://yfrog.com/03cqyej Seohyun is getting her wedding make up done! Aww is she gonna take wedding pics with Yonghwa?

As shared by Genxv @ seohwa soompi thread

Wedding make-up shop brides get their make up done here. Many of them went… Oh!! It’s SNSD SeoHyun!

Due to her tight schedule, she asked if she could take a short nap during the makeup session SNSD SeoHyun :). Such white skin! SeoHyun That’s right! keke

Spazz-worthy right??? I really hope it’s true!! I want a wedding photoshoot already!! Seohyun and Yonghwa shot WGM last November 9 and that’s the reason why Seohyun did not attend the fansigning.. kyaaa!!


2 Comments on “[PHOTOS + Rumor] Seohyun getting her make-up done”

  1. Nochi says:

    Oh I hope its true ><
    I really want their wedding photoshoot ^^

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sylvia, YongSeo Couple. YongSeo Couple said: [PHOTOS + Rumor] Seohyun getting her make-up done #yongseo : http://t.co/S08WZl1 […]

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