[NEWS] The Goguma Couple has reached their 200 Day, and they are going through some changes

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In mbc’s popular variety programme WGM, the goguma couple are undergoing some changes.recently the goguma couple’s 200-day has caught much attention. They used to be a lovely “model” couple who always give in to each other, however, they have recently started push-pull (in order to catch the other’s attention), even when they travel overseas, they quarrelled. Audiences are finding their changes interesting. The used-to-be-lovely couple’s small changes are attracting audiences’ nterests.So we’ve met pdnim, he is the first one to see the couple’s changes starting from their first impression until their recent changes.

Pdnim’s first impression of Seohyun: She appeared in the taeyeon-hery couple before. Although it was only a very short appearance, the impression was deep. Despite being the maknae of 8 sisters, she has very clear and subjective opinions, she is also very honest, showing maturity which doesnot match with her young age, she is a person with strong faith.

First impression of Yonghwa: for yongwha, even though he was being interviewed with many female authors, he was not afraid. Most people in that situation would be scared and threatened to say things they didnot intended to. However, for yong, he was able to make jokes, he looks like he’s a experienced guy.


Yonghwa is like this, he looks like he has many expeirences with love, but actually he’s a very pure guy. He does not have much close female friends. All the fotos in his mobile are taken with his male friends. Once when the snsd members went to the couple’s new home, he was so nervous that he even asked the author “what should i do” when the camera was not filming him. This pureness match very well with seohyun.


Of coz, espcially the recent mildang (push-pull) is a very good example. Since yonghwa felt that there’s a wall between him and Seohyun, in order to get closer to her, he started doing mildang without contacting her for a whole month. Seohyun, without knowing any reason, would of coz felt interwined. In this moment when they both are uncomfortable at heart, they have to perform a duet stage on their 200 day. Being a director, I hope that maybe doing something together will make the couple closer. Actually, they get alot closer when they quarrel. actually, at first when they will too giving in to each other, it makes us worry (with a smile^^). So as a result, these two people’s changes bring out much richer emotions. Although this is a fake love, for somone like seohyun who has no experiences at all and someone as playful and cheerful as yonghwa, this is definitely a good experience.

In the process of trying to be close to each other, the two have spent some happy times which pull them much closer and now their little arguments and misunderstandings are being sorted. For Seohyun, she learns about love through reading, she believes love is something like a standard forumula, how will it change when she’s met yongwha? this is much anticipated. Audiences feel that these two people’s relationships make people relate it to the feeling of first-love. Having pass their 200 day, they would become another long-lasting couple.

WOW!! Even the PDs have noticed the change in them… I totally agree that even Yonghwa is very pure like Seohyun.. He may look like a player  at first but as WGM progresses.. we could really see his true personality… He’s still young.. He’s only 21.. And for Seohyun.. I think she will definitely experience and learn about love in WGM.. This experience is very new to her and she may not know it but who knows.. Seohyun might be feeling “love” already and Yonghwa too.. WGM may be their way to express it to each other since it’s “legal”.. It’s very hard to hide and deny it once you’ve already feelings for each other.. keke.. 🙂


3 Comments on “[NEWS] The Goguma Couple has reached their 200 Day, and they are going through some changes”

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  2. falcon says:

    how i hope that one day they will be a real couple..if they had feeling for each other, yonghwa shud be proud bcoz he’s the first love for seohyun…<3

  3. Nochi says:

    I love ‘long-lasting couple’ word.

    oh! I really love this couple

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