[TRANSLATIONS] We Got Married Episode 31 – Yongseo Couple

Translations by j2dlee@seohwa soompi thread:

What is this box…?
Hyun: I don’t know.
Yong: Pucket?!
MC Park: Uh?
MC Kim: She bought his gift!
MC Park: Ah, from Pucket!
Y: (You said didn’t buy any gift for me…)
Y: Oh~ what’s this? Oh, good smell~
MC Kim: She said she didn’t buy any.
Gift bought from various places in Pucket, thinking of her husband
H: They’re your gifts from Pucket.
An elephant shaped mobile phone string
H: A fan suddenly came to me singing ‘I’m a loner~’ and gave me that.
She even brought a couple gift from a fan in Thailand
H: I have one, too.
Y: Oh, really?
H: Yes.
His hand is reaching for the next present already…
Y: What’s this?
H: A room spray.
A room spray for her hubby who frequently stays in overseas hotels
A room spray, soap… gifts that you can use in everyday life ^^

H: That’s soap, and that one is…
Y: A Tiger Ointment!
H: That’s right! A Tiger Ointment!
Y: This is a cure-all!
H: I know~
Y: When you have a scratch, even when your heart is bruised…!
Even when your heart is bruised(?)….
Y: You can cure it all! A Tiger Ointment.
Y: Why are you giving me these now? You said you didn’t buy any.
H: Well, there’s a reason….
Y: What is it?
H: I’ll tell you later.
Y: What should I do with all these waiting?!
H: Tada!
Y: What’s that? A book?
H: Yes.
A book gift…!
MC Park: A book~
H: I’ve been carrying it with me for who knows how long…
MC Park: Since she couldn’t get in touch with him.
Her message in a book:
‘Hubby, in your life whenever there are hardships and challenges, wish you could overcome those wisely with a book.
JW: My head hearts suddenly.

(the message continues): ‘Always maintain your core and run towards your dream…! (Yong bursts into laughter)

H: What? What’s so funny?!
Y: No, no, nothing.
H: I really mean it.
Since he knows her mind…^^
Y: Got it.
Y: I’ll definitely read this.
H: Definitely!
H: I think I haven’t given you a book for a long time…
Y: I know.
H: So I have one more!
MC Kim: So she gave him two books!
Y: (reading the title) A letter to@$%^*%~
H: Please read it, promise! (She said ‘kkok~’ which means: by all means, on all accounts, should, ought to, and so on. So I just translated it as ‘promise!’ rather than ‘You ought to read it!’)
Y: I’ll read this everyday while I’m abroad.
H: Really?
Y (nods)
So overwhelmed by book gifts…(?)

(backroom interview)
And the last gift from Hyun…
H: I don’t know whether to say this is a gift or not…. Since I use Banmal (speaking informally) to the friends of the same age and don’t to Yong hubby…

His wife still speaks formally to him…
H: I think that’s the reason why he thinks we’re still not close enough… (in his letter ‘a wall between us’)

H: So I thought, ‘Ah, then I really should use Banmal to him.’ So that was my last gift for our 200th day, but…

MC Kim: Is she going to use Banmal to him?
JW: She takes it (Banmal) really seriously.
MC PArk: Yes.

Y: I’ve never been to Pucket, but I can smell it.
H: Can you?
Now he reads Hyun’s letter….
Y: (making a facial expression) Do you know what this is?
H: What?
Y: A smiley face that you drew here.
H: Haha!

Hyun’s 200th day letter:
‘Still it’s hard to speak everything in Banmal, but I’m trying albeit slowly…
Today is a really meaningful day, isn’t it?
It’s Yong and Hyun’s 200th day!

Y: You knew it, then.
H (nods)
JW: Do we get to hear his ‘jashik~’?

(The letter continues): ‘You thought I’d forgotten about it, didn’t you? But I knew it all~!
H: That’s right.
Y: I’ll read this in a DJ style.

Suddenly became Yong DJ (Disk Jockey-a radio presenter)
Y (in a DJ’s tone): ‘It feels like yesterday when we donated the blood and went for a movie to celebrate our 22nd day…
H: Uh~
Y: ‘But many days have passed since then.
H: Why don’t you just read it at home?
JW: He’s like a coffee shop DJ.
Y: ‘It seems like we made so many wonderful memories together.
H: Eurgh~
Y: ‘Everyone has hardships in (his/her) life, but let’s trust each other even more…
H: Eeugh~ What’re you doig?!
Y:’ …support each other, to make our dreams to come true…
Yong DJ is funny even in this serious situation
H: Ah, really!
MC Park: Hahaha!
MC Kim: Oh my…
Y: ‘Let’s run (towards our dreams) together…
Y: ‘Please take care of me…. Hyun.’

H: (nods)
Y (still playing Yong DJ): It’s really moving.
H: Hahaha!
Y: Here goes a song for Hyun, CNBlue’s ‘Love Light.’

Y: So you knew it. Your bag seemed heavy~
H: What’s heavy~ Ah, really!
Y: Jashik~ You could’ve given me a letter sooner!
MC Kim: Jashik~
MC Park: Jashik~ He says that whenever he(Yong) is happy~
Yong’s mood barometer, Ja~shik
Y: You could’ve given me a letter sooner, Jashik!
H: Hmm! Anyway I knew it.
Y: You really should be an actor. You’re an actor.
H: Am I?

So this way such a long ‘pull and push’ game is ended…
Y: Brother! (he said ‘hyung-nim’ which is more formal than ‘hyung’, but both mean ‘brother’)
H: Why is he your brother?!!
Y: This is a smell of Pucket.
MC Park: To whom is he squirting a spray?
MC Kim: To the owner of the bakery! He’ll get scolded!
JW: He’s so happy~
MC Park: He looks like a child~ In someone’s bakery!
NY: He’s cute~
H: Hm~ such a good smell.
Y: The smell of 200th day.
Have you ever smelled it, the smell of 200th day?
Y: Why did you pretend as if you had forgotten about it?
The reason why Hyun buin was acting…
H: Why? There’s a reason…
Y: What is it?
H: Hmm… because there was no Goguma left…
MC Park: Ah~
H: I’m curious though, why did you start ‘pull and push’?
The reason why Yong starts his long-term ‘pull and push’…?
Y: I…
H: I… yes?
JW: I thought I could have you in this way~
Y: I thought there’s a wall between us…
A wall… between us…
H: Oh~ a wall? Give me an example.
Y: You speak Banmal with easy to your friends…
H: But…
Y: But you didn’t…with me.
H: Eh~ it’s not like that.
Y: What’s not?
H: It’s not that I became closer to brothers in law (than to you). It’s because I wasn’t really close to them, I intentionally used Banmal.
She tried to speak informally in order to get rid of awkwardness…
Y: Who does that?
H: Me, I do that.
But in truth, Hyun feels closer to her hubby than anyone…!
Y: Then why@%&*$~
H: Then, do you really want it?
Finally, Hyun’s last gift for their 200th day…

Y: No! I’m not going to force you anymore.
H:?!! Hmm…
Y: You don’t have to!
Y: I don’t think about it that way anymore.
H: Really?
Yong hubby objects to her Banmal
Y: Because I think we’re close.
H: Hmm…
Y: I think today we became even closer than before.
Y: I know you were unhappy (as a result of his long term ‘pull and push), that’s the reason why I’ve been trying hard to make you feel better.
H: Hmm…
So Hyun’s Banmal gift is going to be wasted?
Y: You may not understand this, no, you can’t understand… but…. (with his eyes: ‘you know how I feel, don’t you?’)
H (in Banmal): I understand!
Y (in Busan accent): Leave it, don’t do it!
Hyun’s attempt to use Banmal is rejected straightaway…
JW: (mimicking Yong) ‘Leave it, don’t do it’!
Y: Just speak formally, okay?
H: I’ll think about it.
Y: Don’t think, just speak formally.
H: Really?
Y: You get the feeling that we respect each other (when speaking formally).
H: Yes.
Y: I like that.
Y:…but I’ll speak Banmal.
H: Haha!

So with the hubby’s strong objection Hyun’s Banmal is postponed…
H: Okay.
Y: Don’t forget your handbook.
H: I’ll read it definitely.
Y: Read my letter once more before going to bed.
H: Okay, I will.
While they’re apart, decide to solace themselves (?) with the handbook and reading…
MC Kim: They won’t be able to see each other for a while after today.
MC Park: That’s right.

H: How should we do it?
Y: Don’t pull your face back!
And one more! An updated photo of each other to keep in their wallets…
H: What?!!
Y: You are the front.
H: Okay!!
A staff: One, two three.
JW: Arms around the shoulders!
MC Park: Well done!
NY: Ah~!!
H: I look better in this one, and you in that one.
MC Park: What’s with their expressions?
H: We really look like high schoolers, don’t you think?

H (before saying good bye, trying to connect with him…?)
Y: What are you doing?! Are you trying to do the (Avatar) connection? Are you an Avatar?!
H: No! I just wanted to compare my hair colours to yours, whether it’s similar…
Y: A connection tail(?), a connection tail!
H: Haha!
Good bye for now, only for a month~
Y: When you miss Korea…?
H: …Look at the photo!

Yong hubby’s Asia Tour, Yong hubby in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Shanghai…
H: It looks like there are so many people out there!
Hyun buin…in LA, Shanghai, Taiwan…
The Yongseo couple are busy with their international schedule…
When we will meet each other again, how, where…
And a month later…

SO: It’s been a month!
A day in Sep. Tokyo in Japan…
Hyun receives a mission card parcel.

H: What are so many in this?

Mission Card: To Yong & Hyun, Since your Japan schedules are coincident, we prepared a day off for both of you. Go on a free trip to the place notified below.

H: A free trip?
MC Kim: In Japan?!!
NY: Wow~
SO: I always wanted to do that!
MC Park: Do what?
SO: Go on a trip abroad with a girlfriend.
MC Park: Really?
MC Kim: I’ll give you permission. Go next week!
SO: With whom?
MC Park: Jea!
MC Kim: It’s up to you!
NY: With Jea, Jea!

Meanwhile, tired Yong hubby…
Y:…Go on a free trip. Saitama hyun(a prefecture), Kawagoe si (a city)?
H: Saitama hyun, Kawagoe si… a place of sweet potatoes…?!
MC Park: A place of sweet potatoes?
H:…A popular tourist spot with its well known history and culture, Kawagoe…
(where) the traditional houses are still preserved and you can taste an atmosphere of Japan…
H: A meeting place: Saitama hyun, Siki Station. 21st Sep, 8:30am.
H: I go on a trip? Sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes!
Y: Why are there so many Chinese characters? I can’t even read a Korean map very well…

Yongseo bubu, go on a trip in Japan…
A week later, a meeting place, Siki Station, 8:15am.

MC Park: They meet in about a month!
SO: Their hearts must be throbbing.
Still quiet morning…
NY: It’s like a scene in a movie!
H: Ah~ what should I do!
Y:Siki Station, Siki Station…
Y: Where is the Siki Station?
(A Japanese lady gives him an explanation)
NY: Does he understand what they are saying?!
NY (to Seulong): Can you speak Japanese?
JW (in Japanese): Sushi is delicious!
Japanese genius Jung Jin Woon?!
MC Park: Sushi….Hahaha!
MC Kim: Oh, not bad.
Y: Nearly there. Hahaha! (Looking at a restaurant) A Set~

8:25am Yong hubby arrives in the station
H: Hello~
Y: Are you inside the station or outside?
H: Here….a rental car centre (Re-ta-ka)!
Y: Okay, Mensaka!
MC Park: Will he be able to find her? He misunderstood her Retaka to Mensaka.
Y: Mensaka~
(Hyun’s waiting for her hubby)
He even asks to a Japanese…?
Y: Excuse me, do you know where Mensaka is?
A lady: (Men-sa-ka)??

On a phone again.
H: Then don’t hang up, I’m on my way.
Y: There’ll be a sign written in Korean saying ‘The East Gate’.
H: Hm?
Y: Ah! At times like this! The battery is dead!
MC Park: The battery is out!
Hyun buin hurries to the station
NY: This is exciting!
H: Uh?!
Hyun buin arrives in the station
MC Kim: He was standing just there!

Meanwhile, Yong hubby is waiting for her in the opposite side
MC Park: No~!
Y: Seo Hyun will find her way to here…. Why…? Because it’s Seo Hyun.
MC Park: Like in a drama, they run towards each other shouting ‘Yoebo (honey, darling)~’ then hug!
JW: Or approach without him (or her) noticing, then a back hug~
Hyun buin comes inside the station
H: He won’t be here…no, definitely not!
At the end of this corridor, there’s her husband waiting for her!
NY: Ottoke~

H: Hm?!
MC Kim: Did she see him?
MC Park: She must have done!
MC Kim: They saw each other!
Y: Uh? Seo Hyun, right?!
NY: They’re running towards each other!!
Yong~ Hyun~ Finally the married couple meets!
H: Where were you?
Y: I’ve been just walking to-and-fro.
MC Kim: At least hold her hands!
NY: They should’ve hugged each other.
Always one thing’s missing…
Y: Here’s an apple juice you like.
H: Ah~ Thank you.
Y: And for me, a coke!
H: Your hair is so long now!
Y: It’s because they straightened it.
H: Really?
Y: Yes…
H: I found you! Amazing~

(backroom interview)
PD: Yong hubby in a month…?
H: His hair has gotten brighter and longer. And his face became a V-shape. I was really ha~ppy to see him again.

Y: I have to make an analogy again…during the war, while being swept along in the crowd I let her hand go. So I didn’t know where she was, but finally met her again in a couple of days….that’s how I felt.

H: Ah, Yoshinoya!
Y: You’ve been there?
Recommended in his guide book
MC Park: He recommended her the ‘A set’ of that restaurant in his guide book.
JW: Ah~
H: No, I haven’t. Didn’t have a time.
Y: If you didn’t have a time, now is the time.
H: Now?
Y: Yes.
H: Now?!
Y: Yes.
A free trips starts from here…!
MC Kim: I want to eat, too!
MC Park: Wow~
NY: What will it taste like?
On the second floor…
Y: ‘A Set’!
H: Then I’ll have it, too.
JW (in Japanse) : A set is delicious~
Finally get to eat an ‘A set’!
Y: You were in Oricon Chart (=billboard in the States) by the way~
Y: I saw you in No.4.
H: Did you? It feels amazing.
Even in Japan, Yong hubby keeps track of his wife’s news
JW: There were a big hit in Japan.
MC Park: Yes, you’re right.

A staff: Here’s your order, ‘A set’.
Here comes ‘A Set’!
MC Park: So this is the ‘A set’.
Y: But you have to keep the balance of meat and rice while eating this.
H: Haha!
Y: And a sprinkle of…
H: Is it hot?
Y: No.
MC Park: Because it’s not so expensive and filling, students like to eat Kyudong (what Yongseo’s eating).
Y: Look at this meat!
H: It’s tasty.
Y: It’s good, isn’t it?
H: Yes.
Y: What about the guide book I made for you?
H: Ah, of course! I read it a lot.
Y: Ah, really?
H: Yes, I finally ate the ‘A set’.

Y: (brings out toys) The kids were inside the house all day….
MC Park: Here comes our Yong choding~
Y: They should see the world, too.
H: It’s been a while.
Y: ‘Are you having fun?’ ‘I really like being outside like this!’
Yong’s so vivid ventriloquism(?)
Y: ‘Why aren’t you coming home?’
And photos taken in the last month!
H: Oh~
Y: Kyah~
SO: Keeps showing her pictures which he looks good in.
And Hyun buin…
H: And….
Y: Are you deleting images?
H: No, I’m not. I just pushed a wrong button.
Y: Show me pictures already! Why you keep hiding them from me? Did you take pictures with other men?
H: No.
Y: No?
H: I don’t know.

H: This one is taken when I was in Trax’s music video.
Y: Uh, I saw it.
H: Did you? The song’s good, isn’t it?
Y: Yes. I even met Jung Mo hyung.
H: Really?
MC Park: Jung Mo used to teach Hyun how to play guitar.
Y: When we met for the first time, he suddenly said to me, ‘Yonghwa, I heard that you’re jealous of me.’
H: Haha!
Y: So I said it’s not that, I was only joking. And he said he’s joking, too.
H: Then I’ll show you something else.
H: Tada!
A Trax’s album in question(?)!
Y: Ah, this is why you had to wear a wedding dress.
H: Yes.
H: With Jay oppa and Jung Mo oppa.
Y: Eyah~ You’re a goddess!
H: Ah~
Y (in Busan accent): Seo Hyu-i, you’re a goddess.
Y: I have something to show you, too.
Y: A brand new CD, Kyah~~~~~ It’s so cool.
H: Woah~ Haha!
H: It must’ve been tiresome while taking all these pictures.
Y: No, it was a good fun.
H: Was it?
Y: Yes.
Y: When you were in Oricon (chart), we’re there too.
H: Ah, really?
Y: You didn’t see it, did you?
H: Daily? I didn’t know…
Y: To be honest…I thought you know.
H: Ah….
Y: It’s okay, you have no reason to check it every day.
But his eyes are somewhere far away…
H: I’m sorry…
Y: (Wasn’t our ‘pull and push’ over…?)
H: I’ll take a good care of this (his album).
Y: And are you giving this (Trax’s album) to me?
H (nods)
Y: No, I’ll buy mine.
H: No, it’s okay.
Y: No, I’m going to buy. I’m going to buy a new CD!
H: Ah~ that’s good.
Y: I’ll get an autographed one.
H: Me, too.
Eventually the couple starts their childish fight…
H: I’ll get an autographed one, too!
Y: I’ll get an autograph from him personally.
H: Ha!
It looks like today’s trip will become a really joyful one…
Y (A dance move?)
H: Haha! What’s that?
MC Kim: But they look happy, since they’re not pressured.
MC Park: It’s such a hard-earned day off.

Now to Kawagoe!
H: Everything looks alien!
A subway trip!
MC Park: I’ve been in a Japanese subway once, it was so confusing!
MC Kim: It’s not easy.
MC Park: They have to go Kawagoe on a subway, right?
MC Kim: Yes.
An experienced Yong hubby leads a trip!
Y: Since it says go to No.1…
To Hyun, everything is new.

On the way to Kawagoe…
H: Today’s going to be fun!
Y: It feels like going to the countryside on a train in Korea.
H: Yes!
Later… arrived in the Kawagoe Station!
Y: Let’s just go, there’ll be a way.
But a minute later…
Y: We came out to the wrong gate.
Y: Here…
(A staff shows him a direction)

Finally in Kawagoe!
MC Park: Are sweet potatoes of that place really delicious?
MC Kim: Since they say it’s a place of sweet potatoes…
JW: Wouldn’t there be many foods made in sweet potatoes?
Simple…yet traditional Kawagoe’s streets….
MC Kim: There’re all traditional Japanese houses.
JW: They look beautiful.
MC Park: Doesn’t it look like Insadong (in Korea)?
MC Kim: It looks similar.
Walking on a small, endless pavement…
(Japanese ladies recognise Yong)
H: Woah~
Even in a small city, he’s popular!
Y: It’s because of ‘You’re Beautiful’.

Y: Uh, it’s sweet potato!
Finally they found sweet potatoes!
Y: Do you want a bowl of chestnuts?
SO: Sampling foods!
JW: No, it’s just display.
It’s only a food model for display…
H: It says this place is famous for sweet potatoes, right?
Y: Yes.

Mianhe!! I haven’t read the translations yet since I need to leave the house.. hehe.. I only read the word Hubby when I copied the translations.. that alone made me smile and excited! haha! :))


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