[NEWS] Yonghwa demanded “banmal” from Seohyun as gift for 200th day anniversary.


On MBC’S “We Got Married” aired on November 6th, the Yongseo couple celebrated their 200th day anniversary as a ‘married couple’.

Seohyun who went to Phuket  placed soap, room spray, etc and placed them inside a box. Rather happy with the unexpected gift, Yonghwa reached for it and started playing with the gift.

On their special day, which is the 200th day for the Yongseo couple, Yonghwa hoped that his ‘wife’ would use ‘banmal’ with him (more polite way of talking) as a gift. Yonghwa felt that there is a gap between them as Seohyun does not seem comfortable in using ‘banmal’ with him.

Yonghwa who wished for Seohyun’s ‘banmal’ was shy to let his ‘wife’ know of his intention. He said, “Now, it’s (banmal) not important. It’s fine even if you don’t use it”. Seohyun, who was not discouraged by Yonghwa’s reaction replied in ‘banmal’, “I know”. Upon hearing that, Yonghwa said, “Don’t use it”, making Seohyun’s gift (banmal) seemed rather incomplete.

Credit: hankyung.com via fanwonder.com

awwww… I hope Seohyun would grant Yong’s wish but I hope she would use banmal because she wants to.. It’s better if it would come out naturally.. hehe.. Yonghwa would really be touched if that happens.. Banmal or not.. They really have become closer and very open with their feelings now… Sweet!!


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