[YONGSEO LOVE] Text Preview for WGM Episode 31 – Yongseo Couple

credits to Bettylovesgogumas@sweetpotatodays

Jung Yonghwa-Seohyun’s Japan Trip: The goguma couple spent a happy time today during their Japan trip, because of CNBLUE’s Asia tour and SNSD’s Japan activities, the two haven’t met for a month. They finally have a day off to meet in Japan, both of them decided to meet in a place called Kawagoe (it is like one hour trip from Tokyo). However, on the way to meet his wife, Yong nampyeon’s phone ran out of battery which makes the situation even more dramatic, the place they visited is popular for Hyun’s favourite – sweet potatoes – Hyun was therefore excited. So, will the couple spend a sweet time together in a foreign country? Please stay tune on the 5th at 5.15pm to watch the goguma couple.

A few more hours until the new episode of WGM! Finally, we’re going to see Hyun’s gift and their Japan date!! Wieeee!!


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