[Video + TRANSLATIONS] Goguma Couple Ep. 32 Preview


Translations after the cut:

Shared by woollylamb@seohwa soompi thread from the Goguma Team at Baidu:

What is the message for 2 persons seeking marriage pledges in a shrine?
Husband & wife in a traditional Japanese Inn with the long awaited question! How many gogumas?
A simple after party later that night with the couple comfortably attired.
What will actually happen with the couple’s night overseas?

Yong: Buin-ah, want to write?
Hyun: Let’s write
Hyun: Wait a while
Yong: Why so secretive
Hyun: No it’s not a secret
Hyun: OH! It’s the first time seeing this
Yong: Haven’t asked for a long time, how many gogumas?
Hyun: Huh?
Yong: 1, 2, 3!
Hyun: No I can’t!
Yong: *sigh* You don’t know how i feel

i forgot the password of our YT account so i uploaded it on my own YT account. keke~ 😀

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