[NEWS] Seohyun “being in the fake marriage with Jung Yonghwa is a very valuable experience”

SNSD seohyun expressed her special feelings with CNBLUE jungyonghwa
on the 2nd SM everysing practice room during the interview, seohyun revealed that she is satisfied with her fake mariage life in MBC WGM.

seohyun said ” after meeting jungyonghwa in inkigayo, i gave him our CD. he said that he really likes our songs, and even trying really hard to follow our dance in ‘Hoot’MV”

hyoyeon jealously said”even though it was during broadcast, two of them were always together(the chinese words said something like the persons and the shadows do not separate), gave everyone who saw them goosebumps~”

tiffany support this couple by saying “seohyun is more expressive in this album.seems like it is because of jungyonghwa, seohyun even told him to pay extra attention on her own part in the song”

seohyun shyly expressed “sisters always tease me. they like to watch WGM more tham me, gave me lots of directions and opinions, they even encourage me to hold his hand”

seohyun said “nonetheless, this is a new experience, to me it is also a very valuable one”

seohyun mentioned that recently WGM aired the 200days anniv. where jungyonghwa gave her japan life guidebook. it gives her a lot of help.

seohyun said “we often have events in japan, and we don’t know where to find food that we would like to try. thanks to his book, we get to go to wellknown places to eat delicious food.” hyoyeon jealously commented “so nice”, creating laughter.

SNSD is now promoting their mini album with the main title “Hoot”

cr. innolife@baidu and scatterbrain@seohwa soompi thread

This article really put a smile on my face when I read it… hehehehe… Who wouldn’t be jealous if their relationship is like that.. I am so happy for them.. really! haha!! They are inseparable now eh?? Aigoo! I need to watch last week’s episode already.. I have to catch up with a lot of things.. I already missed a lot and I was just gone for 5 days.. kyaaa!!


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  1. Minh says:

    like this article so much. Thanks

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