[INTERVIEW] YongHwa Talks about SeoHyun on Japanese Magazine!

Another good news for Goguma shippers! YongHwa talks about her “wife” in an Japanese magazine interview (Creasta short for Crazy for asian star magazine).


Q: “You are in WGM with SNSD Seohyun, If other member would be in the show who would you want to be with? Yonghwa, probably you have someone else you may want to be in the show with?”

YongHwa: “I would choose Seohyun in any case. As we became closer over the time, I got to know that Seohyun is very caring person. When I was suffering from vocal cord nodule, she cared for me and brought something good for my throat and nutritious food for me even when we were not filming.”

Q: Ideal type?

YongHwa: I liked Lee Yeon Hee when she was in ‘A Millionaire’s First Love’, but now SNSD’s Seohyun who is very caring person is my type. ”

Q: What do you want the most at the moment?

YongHwa: I got a driving license now so I want a sports car.

There are some other answers reminded me of Seohyun in his interview but these are cleary related to Seohyun.
Hope these make YongSeo lovers happy!

Credits: lovely_ocean@ seohwa soompi thread

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Hey, I’m truly happy after I read this article..

YongSeo is real!! <333


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    I wondered if you do link outreach on the site?
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    Bookmarked your site, I have to keep up with regular

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