[VIDEOS][Subbed] We Got Married – Episode 29

cr: TheYongHyun @ YT via YongSeo Couple on Facebook

translations used for subs were translated by armedbattle @ soompi seohwa thread

I know you guys have spazzed so many times about this episode.. I DID! lol! haha! but the eng subs would make the episode even better!! Can I just say.. Yonghwa is an AEGYO KING in this episode! haha!


One Comment on “[VIDEOS][Subbed] We Got Married – Episode 29”

  1. clarisse17 says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaah! Thanks for posting!!! I’m like spazzing like crazy right now. They’re like a real couple!!! Waaaaaaaaaaah! I wait, I wait for the day they become a real couple. Waaaaaaah! And should I say, Jonghyun is the cuuuuuuuuuuutest!!! You could see how awkward he was when he stepped in for YH!!!!! Waaah!!!

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