[TRANSLATIONS] Text Preview for tomorrow’s We Got Married Episode

Original text:

용화♡서현 : 비가 내리고~ 듀엣 송이 흐르면~
드디어 ‘인천 코리안 뮤직 웨이브’에서 용서부부가 듀엣 무대에 서는 날!
이른 아침부터 막바지 연습에 박차를 가하는 용화♡서현!
가사에 걸맞은 과감한 제스처와 멋진 엔딩포즈까지 열심히 맞춰보는데~
용 남편의 ‘어설픈 밀당의 폐해(?)’는 자꾸만 두 사람을 티격태격 구렁텅이로 몰아넣
아침부터 쏟아지는 비는 이런 용서부부의 조급한 마음을 아는지 모르는지 그칠 줄

200일 기념하기도 하는 뜻 깊은 첫 듀엣 무대에서 삼중고를 겪게 된 용서부부!
과연 용화♡서현은 이런 악조건을 이겨내고 용서부부만의 멋진 하모니를 보일 수 있

cr. hyuksu @seohwa soompi thread

Translation after the cut 🙂

mmm, hopefully we get in our awesome translators but here’s my loose translations, from what i am getting:

Finally the day of the special duet stage at Incheon Korean Music Wave has arrived.
Starting from early in the morning they practice hard. We get to see them practicing hard on the lyrics, cool gestures, and ending pose.

idk from there..something about Yong’s “pull/push” yet again. and the ending questions is something like “will we see them pull off a cool harmony?”

cr. toomuchsmiling @seohwa soompi thread

Today, we saw the BTS of their Music core mc-ing.. tomorrow.. we’re going to see the BTS of their performance for the Incheon Korean Music wave festival! Who’s excited?? I know I am.. wieee! 🙂


One Comment on “[TRANSLATIONS] Text Preview for tomorrow’s We Got Married Episode”

  1. ulam21 says:

    can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!!! i’m sure this is going to be another daebak episode!

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