[YONGSEO LOVE] MC Kim Jung Min tweets about We Got Married.. Again!

translations by DDuk @seohwa soompi thread

I’ll try and translate this… but looks like MCKim tweeted…

” I taped WGM today and felt as if it was late.”(I’m guessing they filmed late today)
Yongseo couple with their parted state was funny (I’m guessing MCKim finds Seoyun being angry at Yong~ entertaining..)

“Adam couple went on their trip”
“Khuntoria couple kk,” (I don’t know what 닥본사 actually means…)

Another translation after the cut..

Other version translation of MC Kim’s tweeted

@jake82054 i have just finished filming wgm, it ended quite late. it is interesting to see sweet potato couple’s sweet moments..adam couple’s absurd travel tour.. khuntoria… kekeke watch the live broadcast on sat…!!!!

Credit: Valerielady0912@khuntorialurve shared by yoreizei @seohwa soompi thread


3 days to go and it’s Goguma time again!!! SWEET MOMENTS ON SATURDAY! DAEBAK!! wieeee!! Remember guys, couples are SWEETER after they fight! haha!!


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