[INTERVIEW][Translations] CNBLUE Interview by K-POP Diary (NikkanSports)

Interview with the hottest 4-member band – CNBLUE

They want to grow to become a band which can succeed at live performances.

Korean band CNBLUE held their Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya tour here in September and are now in the midst of their Asia Tour. Since their debut in their home country, they have stirred up a big reaction; earning great popularity in all parts of Asia, including Japan. CNBLUE is now sparking tremendously. We will now meet with their honesty.

—— Firstly, Can you please tell us the origin of your band name – CNBLUE?
JH: CNBLUE is an acronym for and is a word we came up with to express each member’s attraction and duty. It comes with the implication that all the members can gather together and still be able to express their own style of music.

——Everyone addressed the crowd entirely in Japanese during your Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka Tour. Your Japanese is very good.
JH: No, We still have a long way to go. All the member’s level of Japanese is about the same.
YH: But because Jong Hyun has lived in Japan for a short period when he was young, I think his Japanese is the best.
JH: I lived in Kyoto for about 5 years from the age of 4 to 8. But, sadly, I do not have any of the memories from that period left in me. (laughs)

——Is Japanese difficult?
JH: Even though many Japanese words sound similar to Korean words, because the meaning differs, it is difficult.
MH: I am watching Japanese dramas and studying the language.
YH: All of us watch many dramas starring Takuya Kimura.

——Do you have a recently memorized Japanese word?
YH: I do have Japanese words that I memorized recently! [ Ramen, Chinese noodles (tsukemen), I am good-looking (boku ikemen) ] (laughs) [a/n: lmao! haha! i thinking he’s joking here 😉 oh yong~!]
JH: A few days ago, a cameraman taught me. I also know the technique of “a fool does not catch a cold”. (laughs)

——Last year from June onwards, for a period of 6 months, the band stayed in Japan to study music. You also said that you performed at Live Houses and went for Street Lives. Do you still have any memories of that period?
JH: The equipment we used then came from Korea and the voltage of the place we would be using in Japan differs. Thus, a transformer was absolutely necessary. But we forgot to bring it. (laughs) We used the rock, paper, scissors game to decide who would be responsible for going back to retrieve it. Such occasions did not only happen once or twice, but it happened many times. It is really embarrassing. (laughs)
JS: Even though we went for street lives in Shidaya, Harajuku, Yoyogikouen etc. the most frequent place was Shinjuku.

——Do you feel any resistance or discomfort going for street lives in foreign countries?
YH: On the contrary, I think that I would not be able to do it in Korea as I would be too embarrassed. If it is in a foreign country where no one knows about us, we would probably be able to do it.

——You are now very popular in Korea and Japan. Which are the occasions where you have felt your popularity?
JH: I have heard that a lot, but we still have a long way to go.
JS: We are now in the midst of our first Asia Tour. Though it was our first visit for some of the countries, many people went to the airport to welcome us and many people received us warmly. Also, during our live performances, they also sang our songs together with us. During those moments, I really feel that many people support us.
MH: The fans in every country were wildly enthusiastic and I really want to thank them.

——You have just released your 2nd Japanese single “I Don’t Know Why”.
YH: This song is a chance for us to deviate from our current style and we also take part in writing our own songs. I often study the bands I like from Sweden and France. “I Don’t Know Why” includes the atmosphere and trend from those bands and has the finishing touches of a CNBLUE characteristic song. Even so, until now, I also feel love from the above mentioned.

—–Finishing off, please tell us your aspiration for the future.
YH: From now on, we would like to be actively involved in Korea and Japan and produce good albums. We want to grow to succeed at live performances and have fans who will say that, “I want to watch CNBLUE’s live performances!”.

Member’s profile and the artists they are influenced by. A brief review by the other members.

Jung Yong Hwa
Born on 22 June 1989.
Blood type A.
Artist he is influenced by – Bon Jovi

JS: He is an elder brother who acts like a leader to us.  MH: A leader with lots of charisma.  JH: He is someone who can work when it is time to work and play when it is time to play and switch between the two. With his outstanding music talent, he pulls the group together.

you can read the rest of the article here.

Source: NikkanSports
Translated by: christabel88 @cnbluestorm
Reposted by: sleepyhead @iloveyongseo

*thanks to twistedhearts for the tip 😉


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