[POLL]”We Got Married” Who is the ideal couple?

Chingu, I’ve found this polling in japanese web, with theme “[We Got married]Who is the ideal couple?”:


I’ll translate the important part, so all yongseo shipper can vote them too^^

The polling will be closed on 10/25/10
How to vote:
Click the blue tab under the polling board, and choose number 3 (チョン・ヨンファ-ソヒョン) and click the left tab (Blue tab) to see the result.

until now, Our Goguma couple still in 2nd place:

チョ・グォン-ガイン JOKWON-GAIN (Orange)

ニックン-ビクトリア NICKHUN-VICTORIA (Blue)

チョン・ヨンファ-ソヒョン JUNG YONGHWA-SEOHYUN (Green)

ソ・イニョン-クラウンJ SO IN YONG-CROWN J (Yellow)

キム・ヒョンジュン-ファンボ KIM HYUNJOONG-HWANGBO (Purple)

ファニ-ファヨビ Hwanee-Hwayobi (Pink)

その他 The others

Please vote Uri Yongseo couple^^


3 Comments on “[POLL]”We Got Married” Who is the ideal couple?”

  1. pinktiger says:

    our Goguma couple is in first place already!!!
    more votes please~~

  2. Seojoohyun says:

    Of course YONGSEO FOR THE WIN!

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