[UPDATED][ANNOUNCEMENT] Join Seohwa Project 3.0 with Details on How to Join

Project meeting Sunday 10/17 10:30 AM KST

When: Sunday, October 17 at 10:30 AM KST
Where: seohwaprojectcrew.chatango.com
What: Let’s go over the 300-Day Anniversary Project, discuss project needs, deadlines and gift ideas.

Details about the project after the cut! 🙂

18th September : Launching & Project Briefing
20th November : Submission Deadline
01st December : Sending the project to Korea

1. It’s A YongSeo World Afterall – Video Collection of Pictures and Videos from YongSeo fans around the world, holding our own logo (in any ways you guys like).
2. I Love YongSeo – A booklet compiling 300 reason Why I Love YongSeo Couple. (write yours now since we target 300 reason for their 300th day anniversary).

1. Using your own creativity, take pictures or videos include with our YongSeo International Fanbase Logo. We highly recommend including your country flag to show us where you are from. You can print the logo/flag, make it as banner or whatever ways you like but please make sure the logo/flag can be seen clearly in the picture or video.
2. You can either capture your solo picture or together with your YongSeo country fans. We accept all the pictures and videos as long they are clearly visible.
3. It’s okay if you don’t want to show your face (I know some of us are shy keke) So, please use your creativity imagination on how to take pictures or videos with showing some parts of you (eg. hand, fingers, head etc etc).
4. Pictures – Must be in JPG format & in high resolution. Send toseohwa.project@gmail.com title as 3rd Project – Picture
5. Videos – Must be in AVI format only. Please convert before sending to us. Upload to any uploader hosting and send us the link for download toseohwa.project@gmail.com title as 3rdProject – Video (Don’t upload them to Youtube or other video hosting yet since we want to do this as special project).

1. Lots of you know already how this part of the project work. We will compile all the reason Why I Love YongSeo Couple in a booklet. Send yours now if you still didn’t do it. We target to compile 300 reason for their 300th anniversary.
2. You can either write them here or send to the project email instead – seohwa.project@gmail.com titled as 3rd Project – I Love YongSeo.
3. Excluding I Love YongSeo Couple because… , the sentences must not be more than 50 words since we have to compile lots of them and the most important thing to make the crew’s job easier.

1. Submit all your pictures, videos & quotes together with your Name & Country
2. Submission dateline will be on 20th November 2010, 11pm KST



Project 1 – YongSeo Memoirs (Main Project) – ON GOING
Still on going. Crews will start to concentrate on this project after YongSeo leave WGM. In the mean time, you guys can help to contribute and give help to the crews. I will probably post some of the finish material after the 3rd project is finish or might be earlier than that.

Project 2 – 200th Day YongSeo Anniversary – COMPLETED
This project has been completed by nazweena, lovekim, hallyucraze & the team in Singapore last month when Listen to the CNBLUE in Singapore came to the country. We had given the box of the gifts to CNBLUE representative and hopefully they had received our YongSeo International Fanbase gifts by now. Along with this project we presented the first set of I LOVE YongSeo Because… messages compiled by redtulip, bezbezbez and genxv.

Project 3 – 300th Day (It’s A YongSeo World Afterall) – ON GOING
Project duration : 18th September 2010 – 01st December 2010

Finally, we have setup a PayPal account to collect donations. If you would like to contribute for purchasing gifts please send payment using PayPal to seohwa.project@gmail.com. Any amount at all would be hugely appreciated. We promise we will use these donations wisely and guard it safely. More details and a donation tracker will be posted on the SeoHwa Project blog. Any monies remaining after the project has ended will be given to a worthy cause.

– YongSeo Fans Trip to Korea
– YongSeo Merchandise / Couple Gifts
– Project Collaboration with YongSeo Korean Fans (DC Gallery)

Visit http://seohwaproject.blogspot.com/ for more details! 🙂

Yongseo International fans! This is an opportunity for us to make Yonghwa and Seohyun feel how much we love them!



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