[TRANSLATIONS] Updated Gist of We Got Married Episode 28


Hello. first time round but im here to briefly tell u whats going on.

Basically Yong has not been contacting Hyun for a month since the fishing event. And Seo was worried about him and also a little pissed off, but Yong thought if he didnt contact her she would miss and think about him more. So he held back. At last he told her why he cut off contacts, and Hyun was so shocked that he would think that way because all she did was worry as to what might have happened to him

She was also angry that he didnt wear their couple ring (at some event) that she diligently prepared.

He was also teasing her with confidence. Kept asking her “You missed me right? Right? Right”. Maknae didn’t really reply but Yong commented that she was shy about it because she folded her arms when he said that. Apparently thats the “Shy pose”. Anyways she still insisted that she was angry. (So cute :P)

They were also segregating lyrics parts for the Incheon Wave Festival, and maknae insisted that Yonghwa sang the line from RDR “Only curiousity”

There was also a part when I thin Hyun was talking about TRAX’s mv and Yong asked why didn’t she tell him about it. Then she exclaimed “ITS BECAUSE IT WAS DURING THAT PERIOD”. He cheekily asked when and she said “when we stopped contacting!”

Yong was also insiting that they got closer but Hyun insisted they didn’t (mainly because she was angry that he didn’t contact her)

She also commented that his Sweet Potato points have dropped drastically. And that she thinks that by her showing her discontent, she believes that he will feel sorry. Teehee.

Silly Yong! Big mistake.

cr. thenatstory @ seohwa thread in soompi

BIG THANKS for the summary πŸ™‚

wahhhh!! i love the skinship in this episode although its Yonghwa who initiated it…

That head bang is so cute! πŸ™‚ I hope that Yonghwa finds a way to make up for Hyun aigoo

Not contacting her for a month.. sure hyun will miss him but yong aigoo pls dont do it again to maknae πŸ™‚

I love the way they stare @ each other in the ep and how comfy they are while practicing the duet.


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