[NEWS] Jung Yong Hwa SeoHyun, WGM brings you the BTS of their first stage collaboration!

(OSEN news report) We reveal the preparation process of our highly anticipated Jung YongHwa and SeoHyun’s stage collaboration at the 2010 InCheon Hallyu Wave Concert.

On the 16th, MBC broadcast of WGM, will show how YongHwa and SeoHyun made their couple performance a success!

SeoHyun had a change in salon/stylist and turned out to be the same one as YongHwa. The last episode showed them celebrating double birthdays at GwangHwaDo, and a month later, they met at the salon and received their first stage collaboration mission. Furthermore, that day would be their 200th day Anniversary, and would give that performance a deeper meaning. After knowing this, YongHwa kept on asking SeoHyun is she knows that it would be a special day.

But, today’s SeoHyun is different from her normal behaviour. Seems to be at odds with YongHwa and in a not so pretty mood.
What can the reason be? Sweet Potato Couple’s 200th Day and stage collaboration preparation process, to be broadcasted on the 16th.

Credit: Sweet Potato Couple baidu bar shared by lovekim @ soompi seohwa thread

Finally!! We got some idea on what is going to happen tomorrow! haha! Seohyun changed her salon and it turned out to be the same salon Yonghwa goes to!! DESTINY!! FATE!! wieeeee!! Even though the article says that Seohyun is at odds with Yonghwa.. I’m still excited.. After a fight, couples tend to be sweeter with each other! wahahaha!


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