[PHOTOS][Screencap] Update on Yonghwa and Seohyun’s Checklist

this translation is based on google translate.. but the translation actually makes sense.. haha!

1. Picking a driver’s license (license ttatnayo? now what ttatgetjyo Keke)
2. Ride a bike to travel
3. Composing together
4. To volunteer (volunteer work with the Trying after broadcast)
5. periodic exercise (regular exercise, but had not sick!)
6. Other joint performing (and other joint concert performances, but not Trying!)
7. Money collected half Replace (collect the money, but the ring would switch places!)

*i guess what they are saying is that Yonghwa and Seohyun already accomplished 5 out of 7 on what they must do a couple! 2 more to go!

So for those who can enlighten on what exactly does the post say, original text after the cut 🙂 hehe!

1. 운전면허 따기 (면허 땄나요? 지금쯤 땄겠죠 뭐 ㅋㅋ)

2. 자전거 타고 여행하기
3. 함께 작곡하기
4. 봉사활동하기 (방송 끝나고 함께 봉사활동 했으니까)
5. 주기적인 운동하기 (주기적이지 않지만 운동 했었으니까!)
6. 기타 합동공연하기 (기타공연은 아니지만 합동공연 했으니까!)
7. 돈 모아서 반기 바꾸기 (돈 모으지 않았지만 반지는 바꿨으니까 !)

cr. dcmarried


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