[FAN GIFTS] Yongseo Fans’ love for the Yongseo Couple

I was lurking at dcmarried and I saw a post on how much did the whole tribute to Yongseo cost.. I was shocked on how much they spent! Kyaaaa!!

Everything is actually recorded since scans of the receipts of everything is posted.. so if you want to see the entire post.. here’s the link.. CLICK!

I used google translate to have an idea on what the post says.. πŸ™‚

Hyong of forgiveness for this tribute, I wanted to tell history of settlement announcement post.

Millet in two azeotropic neomeoondon: 24,271

3rd jogongbi: 5533661

Bank Interest: 229

3rd tribute Cap: 5,558,161

Spending Cap: 5,495,320


Forgiveness Gifts: Bringing Footwear: 950,000

Bringing t: 420 000

Seo Shoes: 750,000

Seo cardigan: 650,000 (10,000 in vouchers to replace 640,000 won)

PD ganggung Gifts: Cardigan: 238,000

Writers Gifts: Gift Vouchers: 300,000 (Author 3)

Lunch: Lunch forgiveness: 300,000

Staff Lunch: 1,200,000 (forgive Cody, including managers)

Photobook: 87,800

Puzzle Frames: 190000

LCD Cleaner: 135,000

Thermos Multi: 195,000 (staff present)

Tea bags: 17,120 (staff present)

Packaging: 33,000

Mail the last three months: 4000 (Send a sticker on the lunch party)

Lunch shipping: 25,000 (cash payment)

Stationery: 5000 (cash payment)

Packaging: 5400 (cash payment)

3rd jogongbi balance: 62,841

Hyongdeul remaining money will be used when sending a hyongdeulkke LCD cleaner.

The three cars so thank you for participating in the tribute.


DAEBAK!!! HAHAH!! I really love how organized it is! I am so happy I am a Yongseo Fan! πŸ™‚


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