[RUMOR] Yongseo filming for We Got Married

i just read at baidu forum for goguma couple,

1.yongseo depart from their home in a blue truck,yong in the driver seat

2. fan nvr see yuri, only yongseo and fliming crew, the manager oppa nve follw also.

3. the destination is the field they plant their goguma

4. now fliming still on going

cr. mochiling @ seohwa soompi thread


OMG!! Yong got his license already?? and they were riding a truck?? Just the two of them?? WAAAAAAAAA!!! I hope this rumor is true! If it is, another must-see episode to look forward to… 🙂


2 Comments on “[RUMOR] Yongseo filming for We Got Married”

  1. na says:

    gotta be another best episode..for sure…loking forward to it…thanks for the update…

  2. keylin says:

    I hope they get their driving license already.Oh…Yong want to drive Hyun somewhere else …to sweet potato farm!

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