[UPDATED][Full Translations] Yongseo Couple Cut – We Got Married Episode 27

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Hyun: Let’s go!
Yong: …
H: Feeling good.
Y: Just one more-
H: Why?
Y: The sweet potato you put in that exact spot will be most delicious.
H: But I’m done. Let’s just go.
SO: ‘Let’s just go~’
MC Park: She just wants to leave, doesn’t want to work anymore.
Y: Just one more.
H: Ah, really!
H: Here?
Y: Yes. 

Yes, right there…!
JW: Maybe….
H: …?!
H: Uh? What’s this?
Y: kkkkk….
JW: Did you hear the noise that Yong was making?!
H: What’s this?

Finally reveals…
H: Woah!
NY: She found it!
MC Kim: How could she miss it by an inch?
H: Woah, what’s this?
H: Surely not… is it a present?
Y: Yes, it is.
MC Kim: The gift that he hid before.
Y: How could you put the shoots just in between?
H: Hahaha!!
H: Thank you~ what’s inside?
H: (to) Hy~un mother?!
Y: Yes.
H: Wow!He wrote a letter to his mother in law on his wife’s birthday…?

His letter: Hello, mother in law. I’m Yong seobang (son in law). Thank you for giving birth to such a beautiful daughter, like Hyun. You have faith in Yong seobang, don’t you? Hehe… I should go and visit you personally, and I am very sorry that I couldn’t. I will come and visit you soon. I’ll be good, mother in law.

H: Oh~
MC Park: It’s really moving.
Overwhelmed Yong seobang
H: Then, is this a gift for my mother?
Y: It’s a couple necklace for you and your mother.
H: Really?!
MC Park: To mother and daughter?
MC Kim: That’s a good idea.
MC Park: It’s nice~
Sensible Yong remembers his mother in law on his wife’s birthday! 

H: Yay~
Y: I didn’t have enough time yesterday,
H: Yes.
Y: Just made time to buy it.
H: Really?
Y: I was going to finish our field work with a surprise. It was hidden between those shoots!
H: Hahaha!
A couple necklace for Hyun & mother in law
H: Woah, it’s pretty! It’s a butterfly!
H: Did you pick it by yourself?
Y: Of course.
JW: He’s going to help her to put it on, put it on, put it on!
SO: Hug, hug, hug!
H: Thank you.
MCs: Eh~~~~~
MC Park: That’s not the way to do it!
NY: He should fasten it standing in front of her!
Impatient viewers always want more
Y: This is the first time I have hung a n-n-neck, necklace.
H: What? Hang a neck?!
H: Thank you~

Celebrating her birthday together for the first time…
Y: It looks good on you, it’s definitely yours!
H: Haha!
Y: It’s so your type, customer!
H: Hehehe-
H: Thank you~
Y: Don’t forget your mother’s…
H: Hmm….

Y: Do you know Captain Hook in Peter Pan?
H: What?
H: Hahahaha!!!
Y: How do I look?
H: You look terrifying.
Y: You’ll get scared if you meet me at night, won’t you?
H: Yes, don’t do it.
Excited two people… now time for lunch!

Take a short break on the hill…
Y: Shall we sit over here?
H: Yes, it looks cool.
H: Oh, it’s really cool!
Y: Aigo, aigo, aigo, I’m gonna die, die, die.
The two have been working really hard…
(Yong’s shirt wet with sweat)
MC Park: Aigo, it must have been really hot.
Y: What’s the smell?
Y & H: ……
Y: I think it’s dung.
H: Ah….!!!

Eventually move to a different place, and lunch arrives…!
Looks really tasty!

Y: Woah!
H: Woah~!!
MC Kim: Lunch!
SO: Boiled potatoes!
MC Park: It looks really tasty!
Y: Even makgeolli (raw rice wine)! Thank you so much.
H: It looks so delicious~
Y: Here’s a bean-paste stew.
H: Kimchi looks yummy.
H: And courgettes~ a (hot) pepper?
Y: Is this a pepper?
H: A pepper looks like that? Very unusual.
Y: I’ll start with stew.
H: How’s it?
Y: Really, it’s really delicious.
H: Hmm! How can it be so delicious?
MC Kim: It looks really delicious.
NY: They eat so well.
MC Park: Ah~!!! He should make one (rice with side dishes wrapped in lettuce) for her, too.
Y: Hmm~
Tastes so good especially after the hard work!
H: The bean-paste stew is so delicious.
Y: Well, it’s not that different from yours.
H: Really?
Y: ….
H: Hahaha!
H: No…
Y: After a couple of practices, you can make it like this.
H: I should remember what this tasted like!
Y: Are you a J-Janguem? (A character from the K-drama, A Jewel in the Palace, I think?)
MC Park: Hyun-janguem.
Y: You can figure it out just by tasting it?
H: I’m so happy!
Y: Let’s drink makgeolli, too.
MCs: Woah~
MC Park: You should stir it with your finger and lick it!
Y: Should I?
H: Yes.
MC Kim: Oh~
MC Park: He looks so manly while drinking it.
MC Kim: He’s a Busan guy!
NY: His adam’s apple! Adam’s apple!

Y: Oh, it’s refreshing.
H: Really?
Y: Yes, try it.
H: Hmm…
Y: It fits this atmosphere perfectly. (Suddenly in Busan-accent) it’s really refreshing.
H: I’ll try.
Hyun sips carefully…
H: Arrrugh!!!
Y: Why, is it bitter?
H: Hmm…it tastes like this.
We should treasure our tradition~
Y: I’m getting drunk.
H: Eat watermelon! Watermelon!
MCs: Eh~ He’s just acting! Acting drunk!

Out helping with the boss
Y: What’s this?
H: Woah!!
MC Kim: Potatoes!
H: Woah, it’s really amazing!
MC Kim: They just fall from roots like that~
H: A hoe.
Y: I’m fine without it.
H: Will I find something too while digging the potato field?
Y: W-what?
NY: Once you have a taste of a (surprising) event, you come to expect more.
SO: Is Seo Hyun getting into such a (bad) habit?

Yongseo goes for a walk
H: What?
Y: (It looks like) You’re a transfer student from Seoul, and I’m a country boy living here.
H: Hahaha!
Y: But you have an illness… like in a ‘A Shower(a famous Korean novel)’.
JW: Like ‘A Shower’!

The real countryside drama II: A Shower
Y: One, two, three~
MC Park: A dandelion, a dandelion!
The love story between a country boy Yong and a weak girl who used to love a dandelion~
Y: It didn’t stick (?), it didn’t stick.
H: Mung, mung (woof, woof or bowwow)!
Y: Should take a picture with SNSD.
Y: Bububububu!
H: Hey, look at the camera!
MC Park: Even a dog is a white dog (as in a book?).
MC Kim: It’s so energetic.
Y: It’s (the picture) so lively~
Lively puppy and Hyun
MC Park: You can only see the butt of a puppy.
Y: Sit still, Jaerongi!
Y: Sit still.
MC Park: Oh~
NY: Sit still, Jaerongi.
MC Kim: It sat!
H: Oh~
Y: Jearong, look ahead.
A country boy Yong and his friend Jaerongi

After ‘A Shower’ play(?)….
Y: Boss~
Y: Is there another place to visit, too?
The boss: 200m further from here, there’s a dam. You can go fishing there, too.
Y: Fishing?

After changing their clothes, Yongseo comes to a fishing spot.

H: Woah~
MC Kim: I want to go to the countryside, too.
Y: I’ve been here before.
H: Really?
Y: Really!
Yong’s repertoire, ‘I’ve been here before’
H: Hmm~?
Y: Hmm~?

The man: Welcome.
Y: We’ve come here for fishing.
Y: Here?
The man: Yes, these are your spots.
Y: I really wanted to come here.
H: Really?
Y & H: Thank you~
A couple fishing starts!
Y: Should I start?
H: Let’s do it together, together!
Y: Together?
H: Yes, together.
Y: Don’t I look professional?
H: Hahaha!
Y: One, two, three~
Y: Uh? What’s this? Eh~
Yong hubby starts with enthusiasm….but…
H: Haha!
Y: Okay!…Eh~
Y: Ah, really!
H: Hahaha!
H: I’m okay-
Yong’s second try
Y: I think it’s too short.
MC Park: Will they actually be able to catch a fish?

(backroom interview)
(After receiving a sweet-potato field as her birthday gift)
H: He gave me a sweet potato field, but (compared to it) what if my gift is too small…

MC Park: Ah~

Hyun also prepares a gift for him

MC Kim: A birthday gift for him!

H: So I was worried whether he would like it or not.

MC Park: She’s prepared something, too.

Whether she is worried or not…
H: It’s been five minutes.
H: There’s nothing, I think they just ran away after eating the bait.
H: Again~
Time goes by…
Y: For 30mins.
Y: Oh, Hyun~ You look professional!
H: You’re bored, aren’t you?
For 2 hours, they’ve only been catching bugs…
Y: Hmm? Yes…
H: I hope we can catch a fish soon.
Y: A fish?
But a wife still has a hope…
H: Yes. What kind of fish will it be?
Y: I’ll catch (japda) them all for you.
H: Haha!
SO: Just hold (japda) her hand, her hand! (japda = to catch, to hold)
MC Park: Hahaha, instead of a fish?
H: Hahaha! Please~
Y: Make the sound of a mosquito.
H: I can!
Y: Let’s hear.
H: E-eing.
Y: Kkkkk, e-eing.
Y: Make the sound of a fish.
H: Pu-duk.
Y: hahahaha!! Kkkkk….
MC Kim: They will chase away all the fish!
MC Park: They will all run away~
Already given up fishing?!
Y: Puh-duk~ Puh-duk~

(backroom interview)
H: Slowly, the thought of a gift began to fill my head.
H: I didn’t know how to start. I was waiting for the right moment, then due to the mosquitoes, it came.

MCs: Oh~
JW: What kind of a gift it is?

Y: Uh?!
H: What?
Y: A mosquito just whispered to me.
H: What?
Y: It said, ‘E-eing’.
MC Park: She should give a gift to him anytime soon.
SO: She’s waiting for the moment.
JW: That’s the only thing she can think of at the moment.
MC Park: Yes, in her mind.

H: I hate bugs! They come to my face.
H: Should we buy a repellent? Burn incense?
Hyun tries to send a hubby away for a while!
MC Park: That’s right.
Y: Incense? Yes, I’ll go and buy it. Watch my rod while I’m gone.
H: Yes.
H: Come back soon~
Sending her hubby away…
Y: If I don’t come back, just assume that I fell over into the water.
MC Kim: He’s sending him alone on purpose.
MC Park: Yes, she made the chance to give him a gift.
MC Park: She’s going to prepare something!
Yong hubby, oblivious of what’s going on, only thinks of the incense..!
Y: Hello. Because there are so many mosquitoes out there, do you have incense?

H (singing the ‘Love Light’)
Suddenly Hyun Buin becomes busy…!!
MC Park: I heard that song before.
JW: It’s ‘Love Light’.
MC Park: Ah, ‘Love Light’!
What’s her present for Yong?
JW: What is her gift?
MC Park: A mask?

Yong hubby comes back with the incense
Coming closer to his wife…
Y: I’m back~
H: Yonghwa oppa~
MC Kim: Look at him shocked!

H: Listen to my song~
JW: I’m senorita~
H: Listen to my song~
NY: Listen to my song~
Y: ???
H: Sit down, please.
Y: What’s this?
Y: Uh~!

H (starts singing): ‘When I look at you I blush, When I see you my heart flutters (dugeun, dugeun), I talk shyly like a child~’ (ding ding)~

Singing her hubby’s song…!
Can’t stop smiling

SO: She’s adorable~
H: ‘I think love has come to me~
MC Park: Omo, love has come to her!

Here comes a rapper Hyun!
H: ‘You’re the president of my heart, you embroider stars in my heart. I’m Genie for you, Boy~
You’re a darling, you’re more beautiful than stars in the sky…You’re my love light…’

H: End!
Y: Eyah~ Is it a gift for me?
MC Park: She’s so adorable.
H: Yes.
Her first solo concert for her hubby!!
Y: Eyah~
MC Kim: I hope she never wears that mask again.
SO: It’s Seo Hyun’s first event ever.

(backroom interview)
PD: How did you feel at that time?

Y: When she turned her head, you know the movie ‘Scream’, with a mask and all.

MC Park: It really looked like a horror film.

Y: So I was really startled, and she was holding a guitar too.

Y: Do you really have to wear that mask?
H: Of course.
Y: Because it’s my birthday gift, please do it without a mask.

(Yong)asks for an encore with her face shown
H: No, hurry and sit down.
Y: No, hurry.
H: Sit down please.
Y: No, don’t want to.
SO: She’ll be embarrassed without a mask, she’s only 20!
H: Ah, really! Why are you like this?!

H: ‘When I look at you I blush, When I see you my heart flutters (dugeun, dugeun), I talk shyly like a child~ I think love has come to me~

SO: She can’t look at him.
MC Park: She just steals a glance at his face.

(Yong’s stare) Softly
MCs: Kyyahhh~

H: ‘You’re the president of my heart, you embroider stars in my heart. I’m Genie for you, Boy~
Y: Oh, you changed the lyric, too.
H: ‘Whatever you want, because I love you. There is no reason for my love, you know. You’re a darling, you’re more beautiful than stars in the sky…

His cheeks are going to explode

H: ‘Every night I look at you… More I look at you, more you become bright, you’re my love light…’
Y: Eyah~
H: Yay~
H: Hahaha!
Y: I’ve never imagined.
H: Really?
The birthday party that he hasn’t even dreamed
Y: You prepared an event, like this…
H: Hmm~
Y: Eyah~
Y: Seo Joo Hyun, do you have this side?
H (trying to change the subject): The mosquitoes will go away soon, won’t they?
Y(rejects to change the subject): That’s not important.

Feelings still linger…
Y: I thought it’s someone else.
H: Hahaha!
Y: I thought I was dreaming.
Y: Eyah~ Seo Joo Hyun!
H: Oh my!
Y: Hy~un!
H: Yo~ng!
Y: You’re daebak.
MC Park: Omo, look at the way he’s looking at her~
JW: His eyes…
H: Dugeun, dugeun.
H: Wait.
Hyun buin, prepared something else as well?
Y: What is it?
MC Park: She’s got something else, too.
H: This is a fun… children’s book.
NY: A children’s book?
JW: Did she make a book out of their own story?
MC Park: Impossible!
The second gift: A children’s book
Y: Yong and Hyun’s Story.
MC Park: You’re right! I wasn’t sure about it. Oh~ Jin Woon!
MC Park: You guys are experts of the WGM.

The book (read by Yong):
‘A long, long time ago, there was a boy called ‘Yong’ and a girl called ‘Hyun’.
They were very much loved by other village people….

Hyun: There, village people!

‘They landed in Jungdongjin, after a long train journey….but it was raining.
And a drivers licence…kkkk…

Y: Oh, I look like a really good dancer.

‘But…there were a few funny moments, and it became another unforgettable good memory.

Y: What funny moments?
H: You looked like a chicken.
Y: What? A chicken?
Chicken Yo~ng
MC Park: A chicken!

(The book continues)
‘Even thought it was completely empty, we decided to fill it up with beautiful things like drawing on white paper…
‘To show her gratitude to Yong, who is always considerate and accommodates her, Hyun decided to do something for him.
Happy birthday to you, Yong… and (a big heart).’

MC Park: Is there something hidden under the heart?
H: And there’s something important, too.
H: Push the heart.
NY: Oh, there’s something in it!
MCs: Woah~
MC Park: Surely not that’s everything!
MC Kim: A ring, ring, ring, ring!
Something inside the heart..?
Y: What’s this? Uh?
MC Kim: A RING!!!!
MCs: Kyaaaoh!!!!
JW: We’re all experts!
Y: What’s this?
Y: It’s a new ring!
H: It’s new.
Y: When did you buy it?
Their first 2,000 won worth couple rings, which are so worn out…
H: When do you think I bought it?
NY: Is it the same ring?
Y: But it’s new.
H: You want to know how I did it.
Y: Did you take the ring to the jeweller and ask to make it the same?
H: Yes.
MC Park: Ah~ with the ring that’s broken into two.
H: But I didn’t know your ring size, so…
So she just guessed his ring size…
Y: Yes. Put it on me. Let’s see whether it fits or not.
H: Shall we?
H: Dugeun, Dugeun. Please fit!
H: Wait!
Y: It stops there.
H: Go on! Go on!
H: Wait, does it hurt? It’ll go on.
Y: Eyah~
Luckily it fits perfectly…!
H: This way it won’t fall off, will it?
Y: Kyah~ it sparkles!
JW: It sparkles!
MC Park: He’s all happy~
H: Do you like it?
Y: I’m so touched. Really… I’m so touched. I’ve never imagined….
H: They were in this case together.
H: And me, too…
And a hubby puts a ring on a wife’s finger, too…
MCs: Eyah~~~~
MC Kim: What are they doing, in the middle of the night at a dam?!
SO: (If they hadn’t spent time playing together) they might have caught at least five fish!
MC Park: They are catching each other’s hearts.

H: We have new rings!
Y: It won’t go rusty, will it?
H: Of course not, this is silver.
Y: Ah, really?
H: Yes.
H: Finally, our couple rings have come back to us!
Finally…couple rings came back…!
Y: Ah, really….kyah….Thank you.
H: Really?
Y: Yes.
H: Hehe, it’s nothing.
H: Please keep it well.
Y: It’s colourful, too.
H: Here, pink is SNSD and blue is CNBlue.
Y: Seo Hyun..
H: Yes?
Y: Seo Joo Hyun….Ah…..
Y: Compared to this, my gifts for you were too small.
H: No, never!
Y: No.
H: How can a sweet potato field be small? Who would ever buy me a sweet potato field for my birthday?!
Y: Hahaha! I’m a man with a capability, right?
H: Yes, two-row-field!
Y: Not everyone can dig a two-row-field.
H: I’d say.

MC Kim: Everyone is content.
MC Park: People say, in an exchange of gifts there grows feeling. There should be something to give and receive…

NY: That’s right.
Y: Seo Joo Hyun…
H: So you should keep hold of her.
Y: Your mind is so different from others.
MC Park: He loved it so much.
Y: Haaaaaaaah…….
H: Haha!
Y: Really……..

(Backroom interview)
(after receiving his wife’s gift)
Y: It’s just… something…ahaaa…..

MC Kim: He looks so happy.
NY: Ahoooo~
JW: He can’t stop smiling~

Y: Is it her true character, or has she changed…?
Y: (I’ve come to realise that) There’s a different side to her as she plays a guitar and sings a song for me…

Even though he’s been thinking that he knows about her well…
Y: That I don’t know her truly well…
Y: Something… It filled my heart with emotion.

An emotional…and special gift!

H: I had to choose… should I look beautiful tomorrow or should I complete this gift? And, ‘I should complete the gift!’

MC Park: Aww….

H: So I did it. The dark circles came down to my chin. I only slept for about 1 ½ -2 hours last night.

MC Park: Really?

Before the marriage, watching other people…
H: There are so many anniversaries.
H: I used to wonder, ‘how do they keep a record of every anniversary?’ and couldn’t understand it.
One of those things that Hyun couldn’t understand at that time…
H: But when I did my best to prepare it, and when he liked it, I realised, ‘Ah, is this the reason why people do it, because there’s such a joy in it.’

H:…I did it by myself, like this.
Y: I see.
Y: Jashik!
Y: You couldn’t even look at my face when you sang a song without a mask.
H: What~!
Y: Jashik, I saw it all.
Yong being playful
H: Eh~
Y: Ja~shik, were you embarrassed~?
H: Ah, really!
Y: Why~?
H: No, how can you sing looking at someone directly?
Y: Why, why not? Can’t you?
H: Then try! ‘Love Light!’
Y: I will.
Y: ‘You’re a darling, even more beautiful than stars in the sky~’

(Yong falls over)
H: I told you!
H: Hahahaha!! What are you doing?!
Even he can’t do it…
H: I told you, you can’t sing looking directly.
Y: (coughing) Hy-un! Hy-un!
Yong coughs, trying to hide his embarrassment.
H: Yes?
MC Park: It’s gone quiet after that… something is in the air…they might break into a cold sweat.

H: I have something to ask.
Y: Hmm?
MC Kim: She starts talking.
H: Your song, the ‘Love Light.’
Y: Yes.
H: It’s about first love, right?
Y: Hmm, why?
H: I was just curious.
Y: The ‘Love Light?’
H: Yes, I like that song very much.
Y: Then, what?
H: What?
Y: What are you curious about?
MC Kim: I saw it on the internet, that he wrote the song for Seo Hyun.
JW: Yes.

H: Just, curious.
Y: About what~?
H: Just…
Y: (seems to know already) What are you curious about~?
H: Hmm, writing a song itself is amazing…
Y: Yes.
H: And even more that you wrote a song for your first love.
Y: Ah…
She can just ask who he was thinking of while writing that song…
Y: Why are you asking me this, out of the blue?
H: I was just curious.
Y: Is that really what you were eager to know?
H: Yes…
Y: Just that?
H: Ah, and one more!
Y: What’s that?
H: Why is there a part of the ‘TMYW’ lyrics (in his song)?
NY: Oh my god!

H: Do you like ‘TMYW’?
Y: What?
H: Is it because you listen to that song often?
Y: What, listen to it often?
H: Because when you like a certain song, you tend to write a song that is similar to your favourite. Don’t you?
Y: Okay-
H (keeps going roundabout): You like ‘TMYW’, don’t you?
Y: I do.
H: Hmm~ is that the reason?
The wife keeps beating around the bush and the husband holds out without telling her
Y: What is it you really want to know?
Y: Just ask me directly.
SO: Yes, just tell him directly!
MC Park: Haha!
MC Kim: She wants to know, ‘Is your song about your first love or me?!’
SO: They both know what they’re talking about, just won’t admit it!
Y: Just ask me, it’s okay.
H: Ask you what? That’s what I’ve been wondering.
But her face tells a different story…
Y: Jashik~
Y: Just curious?
H: Yes!
Y: All of a sudden, now?
H: No, from long ago.
Y: Long ago? Why?
H: What why?
Y: You’re curious about writing a song…

(Backroom interview)
PD: You kept beating around the bush…

H: People say it’s about his first love, but if I kept asking… because he once said ‘aren’t you asking about my past too casually?’
H: So I had to be careful, I thought, ‘if I keep asking about this he will say something in the backroom interview later, won’t he?’
H: I wasn’t sure whether I should ask or not, so I did it, in a roundabout sort of way.

Y: Why you ask me in such a roundabout way?
H: Ask what?
Y: Just say it, with confidence!
H: Say what?
Y: ‘Did you write the song for me or not?’ Like this!
MCs: Ah~~~~~!!!!
Park: That’s right!
H: Ahahaha!
Yong decides to bring out a secret(?) first!!
H: It’s not that.
Y:That’s what you want to know.
H: No, I don’t.
Y: Then what?
Y: Just talk to me, clearly! Clearly!
H: No, I don’t want to.
Y: Hahaha, jashik~
Y: You were curious about it, weren’t you?
H: Yes.
H: Ah, really!
Y: Why do you go such a long way to ask about it?
Y: Don’t go roundabout from now on!
H: Why~
Y: I’m just going to say it.
H: Yes.
The heroin o‘Love Light’, what will be Yong hubby’s answer…
Y: Don’t go roundabout.
H: Yes.
H: Ah, really…!
Y: kkkk….

Y: This is the first time I have ever talked about it…
MC Park: Woah!
NaYong: Don’t go roundabout.
MC Kim: If you cut the episode here, you’re dead meat!
Y: While writing the rap part…
H: Yes.
Y: I had been writing that song since long ago.
Y: But it didn’t have a lyric yet.
H: Yes.
Y: Then I started WGM with you.
H: Oh…
Y: When was it…?
H: When did you start writing…?
Y: The day when we did the ring performance…
H: Yes.
Y: That day, I started writing the lyrics.
H: That day, you w-w-wrote, s-s-s-started writing the lyrics…?
Y: Yes, starting from that day.
H: Hmm…
Y: And as I spent days with you…
Y: It became like…‘Let’s write a song, thinking of you.’
MCs: Kyah~!!
SO: I like it….
Y: While writing the rap part…
MC Park: Really?
MC Park: Does that mean he wrote a song, thinking of Seo Hyun?
SO: Yes.
NY: Oh my god-
MC Park: Then, does that mean his song is dedicated to Seo Hyun?
MC Kim: You can say something like that.
SO: That’s every singer’s dream…
JW: True…
NY: Then write a song for me…
MC Kim: Please be quiet!! Let me hear what they’re saying!!!
MC Kim: We’re getting into the important part!!

Y: Let’s write the lyrics thinking of you… that’s what happened.
H: Ah!
Y: While writing the rap part….
H: Oh…..
Y: Then the ‘TMYW’ came to my mind.
H: Haha!
SO: I like it.
Y: And later, I came to dance to that song!
H: Hahaha!
Y: Ah, really!
H: It’s funny.
Y: That’s how it happened.
H: I see.

H: It’s getting really dark.
H: I feel good.
Y: Jashik~
H: We should catch a fish soon.
H: Uh? Uh?!
Y: What, what?
H: It’s moving, it’s moving!
H: Eyah!
H: Oh, it’s nothing…
Y: Hahahaha!!
With no results (no fish)…
H: It was nothing.
Y: Hahaha!
H: Ha~ I was sure that I caught a fish…
Y: Hahaha!
MC Kim: He enjoys it so much!
MC Park: Yes.
H: What should we do?

Eventually…a married couple leaves
Y: Where is it?
H: Here.
Y: Give it (a fishing rod) to me.
Y: Seo Hyun-a, at times like this, you should walk arm in arm.
NY: He said, should walk arm in arm!
Y: Jashik!
MCs: Woah!!!!!
MC Park: Yes!
MC Kim: Bravo!
OMONA (oh my god)!

H: Yes, let’s go.
Y: Aigoo, you look awkward!
H: Ah, really~!
MC Park: That’s not how you link arms!
Y: Why, why, why, why?
H: It’s good, let’s go.
Y: Ah, you jashik~
MC Kim: Jashick~
SO: They’re holding hands!!
MCs: Woah!!!!!
Y & H (singing): ‘Walk to the pace of your footstep, holding your hands~’
MC Kim: Today’s such a meaningful day for both of them.
SO: I’m going to cry, really…

Even though they didn’t get to see a fish…
Y: Seo Hyun~
H: Yes~
MC Park: They still hold hands.
MC Kim: I should listen to‘Love Light’ once again when I go back home.
A special double-birthday party filled with so many events…
MC Park: They keep holding hands.
MC Park: I heard that that day was really hot. Their hands will be all sticky~
SO: Oh my god.

(backroom interview)
H: He told me that I can, no, should link arms. When he said it, I thought ‘I really should do it now.’ But when I linked my arm with his, it was really awkward. How could it be so awkward?! But, really… at that moment… I was getting slightly cold, somehow… his hand was warm. Hmm… His hand was a little smaller than my dad’s hand. And it was a little softer than my dad’s hand. Yes, it was.

cr. translations by j2dlee @ soompi


These translations are jjang!! I am relieved that I am not the only one who almost teared up while watching this episode! haha!

The MC’s noticed how Yonghwa looks at Seohyun!! OMO!! and I really love it when Yong calls Hyun by her real name!! I can’t wait for the subbed videos! 🙂

MC Kim JungMin is epic! haha!!

MC Kim: If you cut the episode here, you’re dead meat! >> HAHAHA!! I love how he roots for YONGSEO!


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