[PHOTOS][Translations] Seohyun’s Story Book for Yonghwa

Yong & Hyun’s Story:

Pic 1:

Long long time ago There was a young man named “Yong” and a young lady named “Hyun” They lived their lives here


Pic 2:

They received a lot of love from many (villagers?)

Pic 3:

With a heart full of expectance, we sat a very long time on the train We came to JeongDongJin The skies started to rain, rain


Pic 4:

But…the interesting parts There were a few And they all are kept as unforgettable memories

Pic 5:

Even though the house is empty now But we promised To fill up this white piece of blank paper With our wonderful lovely future

Pic 6:

‘Encouragement’ party, Yong & Hyun’s moods began to get better At this time! Yong’s penalty begins! I had Yong wear the uniform
Yong kneeling to take a photo of us

Pic 7:

Happy events, interesting/fun events, sad events, we experienced them together, living fully day by day

To one who always take care of me, accomodating me – Yong From Hyun who wants to express great thanks Have prepare something



Happy BirthDay ToYong


cr. lolly1588@livejournal shared by burninglight @ soompi
Credits: XiaoYu of sweet potato couple baidu bar, pictures from dcmarried


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