[YONGSEO LOVE] Text Preview for We Got Married Ep. 27 from MBC

용화♡서현 : 낚시터의 연인
땅속에 묻힌 요옹의 회심의 선물! 혀언은 과연 선물을 찾아 캐낼 수(?) 있을까?
뿌듯한 마음으로 ‘두 줄’ 밭농사를 끝내고 꿀 맛 새참도 순식간에 먹어 치운 용서부
근처 낚시터에 가서 한가로운 시간을 보내기로 하는데~

초보 낚시꾼 용화♡서현이 낚시에 집중한 새에 어느덧 사방은 해가 저물어 고요해지
서현은 이 틈을 타 난생 처음 용 남편을 위해 준비한 깜짝 이벤트를 펼치는데~
과연 연애 초보 서현이 밤새 다크 서클과 맞바꾸며 준비한 선물과 이벤트는 무엇?
그리고, 드디어 밝혀지는 용 남편 작사 ‘사랑 빛’의 진실까지~ 낚시터에서 생긴 일
대 공개!

cr: MBC

Translations after the cut! MUST-SEE!!!

Could Hyun find the buried gift?

THe lovely couple enjoyed the snacks happily together after the hardwork in the farmland.  They had planned to have a good time in the fishing pond nearby.  The newbie-fisherman-couple loved the activity much.  The environment became tranquil after the sunset.  By having black eye circles,what was the first gift/event Hyun prepared for her hubby, Yong in her lifetime ?  The underlying truth of the lyrics of Love Light would be unveiled too.

Credit:  Baidu Bar Goguma Couple

Another Translation 🙂

YongHwa SeoHyun: Their destiny at the fishing farm

Yong’s heartfelt gift still buried in the soil, will Hyun be able to find it?
Being proud to have completed their planting task, YongSeo couple polished off their snacks in no time and they decided to go to a nearby fishing farm to enjoy a great time together.
First-timers at fishing, the YongSeo couple got into the fishing mood. Soon, the sun begins to set and creates a tranquil atmosphere.
Taking this opportunity, SeoHyun carries out her first ever Surprise Event for her husband~
Being a novice in dating & relationships, what would be SeoHyun’s gift and event which she painstakingly did overnight, that gained her dark eye rings?
Also…the truth behind the song lyrics of “Love Light” composed by Yong seobang is revealed. The events at the fishing farm to be revealed~!

Credit: Sweet Potato couple baidu bar via lovekim @ soompi

OMO! OMO!! WAAAAAAAA!! I’m getting super pumped for the episode tomorrow!

I really hope we can confirm that Love Light was written for Seohyun!

Remember the line: “I’M GENIE FOR YOU GIRL” << Yong’s answer to “I’M GENIE FOR YOU BOY”

hahaha! 🙂


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