[YONGSEO LOVE] MC Kim Jungmin tweeted about the Yongseo Couple for this week’s We Got Married Episode

Kim Jungmin is actually one of the MC’s of We got Married!!

So here’s the translation of his tweet c/o kay77 @ soompi:

“”Yongseo couple grinning ear to ear. This Saturday show is a must watch.””

Fanvideo and another translation after the cut. 🙂

Another translation from .:LaUrEn.: @ soompi:

“it’s basically implying that yongseo this week is gonna be DAEBAK!!! 입찢어짐 basically means that he was smiling so much that his mouth was gonna tear.”

kyaaaaaa! I’m so excited for Saturday! PLEASSSE!! COME QUICK!!

Why did he even tweet about the episode if it is not worth it! Maybe they went crazy while watching the episode! waaaa!

Will our reaction be something like this after watching the episode?? haha! 🙂

cr. TheG1art @ yt


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