[NEWS] Jung Yong Hwa, fashionable and stylish

CNBLUE is the top boy band in Korea. Besides being famous for powerful live performances, the 4 members have average heights of 183cm and handsome looks. They are wearing American brand Brooks Brothers for this photoshoot. CNBLUE members say, “We want to wear these back to Korea.”

When asked who knows best to pick stylish clothes, all members agree it’s Leader Jung Yong Hwa. Jung Shin says unhappily, “Whenever I bought clothes home, they always say my choice is bad and even ask me to return them. But for Yong Hwa, everybody praises his picks. I feel so hurt.” Jung Yong Hwa explains, “With the same price, I buy one piece of clothing and looks good. Jung Shin buy a lot on the Net but none looks half as good.” Then he stands up, makes a turn and asks the filming crew proudly, “Don’t I look great?”

Jung Yong Hwa talks about what he thinks about fashion and style, “Brands are not important, whether the clothes suit the person matters more.” When he picks everyday wears, he likes to mix and match clothes of bright colors, and he won’t forget rings and accessories. He wears the couple ring all the time, explaining, “I wear it because I’m afraid I may lose it.”

Min Hyuk likes the natural style and loves wearing hats for a cool guy look. Jong Hyun doesn’t care much, saying, “I just wear what everybody else ask me to wear.” Jung Shin, who’s said to have a special taste, explains, “I like it when I feel comfortable. Just like today, I look like an English student.” Then Jung Yong Hwa adds an irrelevant comment, “Though you look like an English student, you’re still a Korean student.”

CNBLUE shot to fame performing their own music. Leader Jung Yong Hwa says, “Most Korean music groups focus on dance while we perform live music. That’s what we’re proud of.” They’re still looking for their own style while composing music and writing lyrics. “Each of us has unique character, this is the style of CNBLUE.”

When asked if they want to collaborate with Taiwan singers, Jung Yong Hwa says, “Of course. But we’ll look for some music style very different from ours. Linkin Park and Jay Z’s working together impresses us most.” As CNBLUE is doing well in Japan, we ask if they will consider working in Taiwan in the future. They shout, “Sure!”

source: http://udn.com/NEWS/…5/5889482.shtml

english translation by klaritia @ soompi

while reading this article, I suddenly remembered the performance of CNBLUE when Yong’s ring was lost during broadcast.. 😦

Thank goodness he found it though!



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