[NEWS] Jung Yonghwa, “Mother who disagree of me becoming a singer, tears at my first showcase”

CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa

On the Oct 4th MBC ‘Come to Play’ Busan men special, Jung Yonghwa surprised revelation, “I never once tell my parents my dream of becoming a singer when i was still in school.”

He continued, “When i was going for an audition, she would say ‘go and try it, let see how far you can go’. Even when i passed the audition and became a trainee, she also gave the same cold response, ‘let just see how far you can go’.”

But the mother who came to see Jung Yonghwa CNBLUE debut first showcase, seeing her son performance, shed tears at her seat. Yonghwa then explain further, “Because of the lighting, I couldn’t really see the audience seat well, but I searched very hard for my mom and when i found her, i saw her crying. Seeing her cried like that really made me feel that I should work really hard.”

“Today, my mother always monitor what I do and she also points out to me what i did wrong,” making the studio laughed.

Meanwhile, on this ‘Come to Play’ Busan men special episode, in addition to Jung Yonghwa, Kim Minjoon, Supreme team Simon D, 2AM Changmin, Kim Taehyeon and Kim Sugi filled the studio with many tactful witty remarks.

Source : Korea Yahoo News
Translated by blue_jus7@codeazzurro

cr. cnbluestorm

awww… his relationship with his mother is very close..

I hope Seohyun would get the chance to meet his parents in the future 🙂


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